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Learn what a social signal is by Dean Schlenker

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What you need to know about Social Signals dean schlenker and cyber controller talk about social_signals

You may already understand by now how important social signals are for any ad or marketing project on the web. Social signals affirms a brand, credibility, and reliability of an individual or business online and in the search engines . However in relation to search engine optimization, it is an established fact that informative content is still vital. The inclusion of social media buttons, link building, and the use of various other promotional techniques also attract and help lure prospective clients from all fours. Recent studies disclose that these signals are proved fundamental in increasing SERP’s in Google as well as help broaden one’s customer’s base. No wonder why increasingly more individuals are joining the bandwagon to enjoy its maximum

To take advantage of social signal, you have to comprehend and know how all of it works ahead of time. Social signals are considered to be an affirmation intended for the search engines. It can be through Facebook likes, Twitter tweets, or Google +1s for starters. Search
engines look upon sites with favor especially if they have strong social signal, it helps them offer pertinent material to their many users
online. You may like a page online and search engines will index it and improve the rankings as well as visibility of that web page or site.
Because of this, each and every like or tweet you get will play a crucial part in the rankings and exposure of your site. As your
suggestions expand, the same is true with your on-line appeal and exposure. These signals help produce a strong and reliable
on-line reputation for your website , products or other services.

Social signals are all over. No matter which site or blog you log into, chances are that you will see a number of Facebook logos and links in it. Many websites are also filled with Twitter logos, links, Google ads and other many social media sharing or book marking portals. When you like or even suggest a website, search engines will quickly pick it up for you. In fact, just a very simple like or even positive post is enough for search algorithms to identify a worth of a website. Similarly, if a person compliments your site by means of social media links, then your website will rank high in search engines as it deemed to be popular chances. This is simply the primary reason why many social patterns and even signals are very important for any brand-new or existing on-line venue.

dean schlenker and cyber controller talk about social_signalsLook social signals are the new brand-new. In fact, they are slated to take over back-links within a year. In fact, Google +1 is a significant player in securing user suggestions across the globe. With their +1 format, Google will extract a high volume of user referrals and social media shares. This can be from Facebook, Twitter, and specifically As a result, many sites and companies are striving to establish a strong online presence on Google. While conventional marketing techniques are necessary, they just do not provide expedited outcomes like on-line marketing sites and social network platforms.

Social Signals is a full time job for any small business and I am sure you are not thinking out of the box on this.  Think about this then think about how this work in the opposites  way. Once you understand that you then know what needs to be done. Then you need to go to step two and that is making Google find each one of the signals…  Talk to others read what you can about this, then call us to understand what it truly means and how to setup the best campaign to get all you can out of the social signals.

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I wish you all the best in your efforts to rank on the 1st page… Just remember Cyber Controller does this work for a living!

The 2nd part of this blog is:How To Grow Your Website Through Backlink Syndication


Dean Schlenker


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How To Grow Your Website Through Backlink Syndication

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How To Grow Your Website Through Backlink Syndication

seo 911 phoenix local marketing Team

A backlink is usually a link used to connect one website to another website. Basically, backlinks are essential in increasing website traffic significantly especially through Search Engine Optimization. However, in order for a backlink to get more traffic, content syndication should be emphasized. In such a process, third parties are allowed to publish linking website content such as videos, blogs or images in form of snippets, click-links, thumbnails and even full content. Hence, the concept of content backlink syndication is to allow reputable websites to market your content and get it to the first pages of search engines.

In most cases, syndication websites have a high number of readers than blog or affiliate websites. In regards to that fact, the trick of backlink syndication is to submit the best content which will most likely attract attention to your website. However, it is important to maintain exclusive full content or other benefits to ensure connected readers subscribe to your website.

social signals media marketingContent syndication backlinks can be key platform for upcoming bloggers or business websites that are seeking a large audience to get noticed. Ideally, your website should be the primary source of content which means the owner reserves the copyright. It is crucial to note that any resembling content that is not syndicated into a URL connecting to the original website without prior permission or credit is regarded as plagiarism. Fortunately, search engines are capable of revealing duplicated content and penalizing the parties responsible. Website owners should also be careful to avoid syndicate sites that use the provided content without acknowledging the original author. Therefore, it is recommended to seek trusted syndication sites.

Although some syndication sites outrank the blog or website where the original content is published, sometimes it can be a technical glitch. In such a case, the original author should control the content before syndication. The ploy is to share the original website URL through social media platforms and increase the page views and shares before seeking syndication sites. Website managers should avoid using syndication websites immediately after launching a website but instead, the original content should be given sufficient time to be properly established on search engines. However, if you notice that a syndication site is purposely outranking your original content, the best step is to notify the relevant search engine such as Google through the scrapper form.

In order to get optimum traffic through content backlink syndication, it is important to consider the topic of the content. For instance, a business website that deals with selling cars can gain lots of backlink traffic through a car review blog. Other recommended websites are those that publish thousands of articles, images and videos in all niche categories to supply the reader’s demand. Co-authored content can also be a way to gain an entire new audience and get more channels for content syndication.

cyber controller content-syndication and what it meansMost reputable websites that have many worldwide readers usually charge per every clicked backlinks. That doesn’t mean that you always have to pay to get traffic since there are some syndication sites that offer free services. Social media platforms are also significant in advertising backlinks especially those accounts that have thousands or millions of fans.

I hope this post is helpful for those of you that have to do the work yourself or just wanting to better understand this one concept of getting social signal. Please watch out for Internet marketing services that want to dump your content in to some kind of program, You want to make sure your push of content is done in a controlled manner.

This is part 2 of the blog about Learn what a social signal is by Dean Schlenker if you did not get to read the first part you should.



Dean Schlenker



Push Google to find all your web sites pages with this service.(click here to read more)

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Understanding Google Responsive Code Requirement

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The importance of Responsive Code Website Design!Responsive design platform

Google updates its search algorithm about 400-600 times. While the majority of these updates can be negligible, Google occasionally rolls out huge algorithmic updates which affect search engine results in significant ways. For marketers, knowing the dates of these updates can help to explain changes in their organic web traffics as well as rankings and eventually improve their SEO (search engine optimization). One of the most notable update that has occurred this year is the rolling out of mobile friendly update by Google. They are intended to boost the ranking of mobile friendly pages on mobile devices search results. Now, searchers can easily access high quality as well as relevant material or result, which is readable, without zooming or tapping; tap targets are well spaced, and the page avoids horizontal or unplayable content scrolling.

Mobile friendly update has the following impact on a website:

1. The update applies to all individual pages, not the whole web

2. The update affects search outcomes in all languages worldwide

3. The update affects only search results on mobile gadgets while the mobile friendly change is vital, Google still use a number of signals to rank different search results.

The design of the response code is to use very powerful signals, so even if pages, with high quality material, are not mobile friendly, they could still be ranked higher if they have great material for Responsive code.local-marketing-puzzle-internet-marketing

Important of Responsive code website design How much of an impact the mobile friendly update has is still unclear. But it is said to be more significant than that of Panda & Penguin algorithms update. Roughly, this means more than 11 percent of your website search results will be affected by this update.

Through this update, Google is placing more emphasis on mobile friendly webs because they understand that the majority of web traffic is now being generated through mobile gadgets. For instance, for Google, mobile device traffic makes almost half of the total traffic from June – November 2014, with 48% coming from mobile and the rest (52%) from desktops. For Bing, the percentage is slightly lower at around 33% against 67% of desktop.

The new mobile friendly update evaluates individual pages in your website. While some of the pages might be said not to be mobile friendly, others might benefits from this algorithm. However in Google’s world, a single page can’t be considered to be partially mobile friendly; it is either friendly or not.

Google’s mobile friendly algorithm update runs in real time across the webs. According to Google, it might take a few days or weeks to roll out the update. Therefore, if you haven’t noticed any change in your website, just keep a keen eye on your web’s mobile traffic as it will occur sooner rather than later. Sometimes the mobile friendly label might delay in showing up in search outcomes, but Google will capture any change you make to your site in real time.Cell Phone Map with location sms marketing text message marketing

Due to these benefits, you need to have a mobile friendly website. Don’t be left behind in world of internet marketing; ensure your website is mobile friendly through designing a responsive code website. If you don’t know how to do it, hire a professional like us to web site redesign your site so your business online presence is not penalized by Google.

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