Patti Pace

I was so frustrated with not appearing on Google and not getting results after using a few other Internet marketing companies. We were just not being found and not getting any calls. One day I needed my hot water heater replaced (so glad that happened) and found a plumber on Google. When he came out to my house he asked me how I found him I said Google. He just smiled at me and I had to ask him what? That got us talking about Dean’s company Cyber Controller and what he has done for his business. So I had to ask for Dean’s number… I spoke with Dean that same day, hired him that same day. You most likely will to when you hear all the knowledge pouring out of him. After about 50 days I called Dean and told Dean how nice it was to see my company coming up on the first page! and yeah I was getting calls and the call volume keeps growing! The marketing price is fair… Keep up the Great work Cyber Controller! Anyone reading this you should give Dean at Cyber Controller a call and talk to him. I am so glad I did! Sincerely, Patti