Understanding Google Responsive Code Requirement

The importance of Responsive Code Website Design!Responsive design platform

Google updates its search algorithm about 400-600 times. While the majority of these updates can be negligible, Google occasionally rolls out huge algorithmic updates which affect search engine results in significant ways. For marketers, knowing the dates of these updates can help to explain changes in their organic web traffics as well as rankings and eventually improve their SEO (search engine optimization). One of the most notable update that has occurred this year is the rolling out of mobile friendly update by Google. They are intended to boost the ranking of mobile friendly pages on mobile devices search results. Now, searchers can easily access high quality as well as relevant material or result, which is readable, without zooming or tapping; tap targets are well spaced, and the page avoids horizontal or unplayable content scrolling.

Mobile friendly update has the following impact on a website:

1. The update applies to all individual pages, not the whole web

2. The update affects search outcomes in all languages worldwide

3. The update affects only search results on mobile gadgets while the mobile friendly change is vital, Google still use a number of signals to rank different search results.

The design of the response code is to use very powerful signals, so even if pages, with high quality material, are not mobile friendly, they could still be ranked higher if they have great material for Responsive code.local-marketing-puzzle-internet-marketing

Important of Responsive code website design How much of an impact the mobile friendly update has is still unclear. But it is said to be more significant than that of Panda & Penguin algorithms update. Roughly, this means more than 11 percent of your website search results will be affected by this update.

Through this update, Google is placing more emphasis on mobile friendly webs because they understand that the majority of web traffic is now being generated through mobile gadgets. For instance, for Google, mobile device traffic makes almost half of the total traffic from June – November 2014, with 48% coming from mobile and the rest (52%) from desktops. For Bing, the percentage is slightly lower at around 33% against 67% of desktop.

The new mobile friendly update evaluates individual pages in your website. While some of the pages might be said not to be mobile friendly, others might benefits from this algorithm. However in Google’s world, a single page can’t be considered to be partially mobile friendly; it is either friendly or not.

Google’s mobile friendly algorithm update runs in real time across the webs. According to Google, it might take a few days or weeks to roll out the update. Therefore, if you haven’t noticed any change in your website, just keep a keen eye on your web’s mobile traffic as it will occur sooner rather than later. Sometimes the mobile friendly label might delay in showing up in search outcomes, but Google will capture any change you make to your site in real time.Cell Phone Map with location sms marketing text message marketing

Due to these benefits, you need to have a mobile friendly website. Don’t be left behind in world of internet marketing; ensure your website is mobile friendly through designing a responsive code website. If you don’t know how to do it, hire a professional like us to web site redesign your site so your business online presence is not penalized by Google.

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