Your business can immensely benefit from the internet. Sometimes way more than you can imagine.

81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases.

– Retailing Today, 2014.

How do you put your business at the forefront of E-commerce? How do you grow your business with the help of the internet?

The numbers show that more people are making use of the internet to make major purchases. So to keep afloat, you would want to put your business at the forefront too, to be seen by prospective consumers. We will discuss 10 ways you can do that by utilizing internet marketing or online marketing as you may wish to call it.

#1 Search Advertising

Search advertising is a way of making your business known to people who search for keywords related to the products or services you offer. Basically, it involves placing ads on web pages related to your product or service. You provide keywords close to your products or services. And with AdWords, your business gets featured when someone searches for those keywords.

#2 Contextual Ads

Contextual ads narrow down the target of your ads to audiences who are more likely to respond to online marketing. Your ads are placed on sites which deliver them to sites with related content. For example, workout kits adverts on bodybuilding blogs.

#3 Geotargeting

This is a way of promoting your business in a specific location – like a business selling pieces of jewelry in Paris gets advertised to web users who live in Paris. One way to get started is to create a listing on Google Places.

#4 Local listing and classifieds

Somewhat like online yellow pages, listing sites such as CitySearch make your business available to consumers searching for nearby businesses that provide your services or products. You can promote sales and new products on such listings.

#5 Display Ads

When you want to design your ads, there are services such as Google AdWords display ad builder which can help you with that. You can then distribute your display Ad via Ad networks and Ad management systems.

The first stage to begin using these internet marketing methods to boost your conversion rate and total customer patronage is website design. Hosting a web page for your business is like establishing a branch in the biggest and most connected market of all: the Internet. And to attract customers, you need to design your website in such a way that prospective consumers find your business trustworthy and appealing.

#6 Online videos

Your business can reach unimaginable horizons when you develop interesting, short and informative videos to post on video-sharing sites such as YouTube. Short videos, normally below 3minutes, attract the most attention. You can share offers, news, and information about your business on these videos. You can share free reports to motivate viewers to take action.

#7 Mobile marketing

As phones get smarter and smarter, it possible to do more things with them. This includes mobile marketing. As a business owner, you can take advantage of this opportunity to create promotions with text messages and post with location-based social networks.

#8 Social networking sites

With social networking sites, you can create a large base of loyal followers. Posting useful, fun and informative content can keep your followers engaged. You can also do contests and reward your followers and they’ll remain loyal. Loyalty can quickly turn into sales.

#9 Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to ’employ’ other businesses to help you in driving in prospects to your website. One way affiliates can help is allowing you set up a store on their domains, such as comparison shopping sites.

#10 Group buying

Group buying websites are probably strange to you. They connect with new customers through programs that offer multiple buyers collective purchasing deals. You can list your business website here to bring more attention to the goods and services you offer.

Take advantage of these smart options to grow your business to the next level. The internet is ripe with opportunities, take advantage of them. We share opportunities like these on our blog. And if you’re looking to dive into the internet and make your business get found, follow our blog and we will teach you how step by step.