22 years in Phoenix Providing Internet Services

Reaching out to your customers or putting yourself in a position where your potential customers can easily find you when they need you is something every business should strive to be number one at.

If you consistently make your business a solution to the problems people have, it won’t be too long till you start carting away huge amounts of money in profits. Plus, of course, you will be a huge value to the society. Your brand becomes something people actually want to associate with.

Look at the big brands of today – Coca-Cola, Nike, IBM, Facebook – they consistently put their products and services in the faces of their potential users and customers. I am not talking about advertisement here. I am talking about being available when needed. Being at the right place at the right time. Being reachable – Getting found.

Getting found on the internet is the way to go nowadays. Wait, that’s an understatement. Let me emphasize: If you want your business to prosper and move onto the next level or growth, you need to make your business available on the internet.

You need to make your business available when a potential customer searches for your service or product online.

Does this sound too off to you?

Let me share some legitimate current statistics from Smart Insights:

  • 6,586,013,574 searches are made on the internet daily worldwide.
  • Out of that, 4,464,000,000 go to Google alone.
  • Google’s search engine market share is 77.43%.

How many people walk by your establishment a day? How many of them observe your sign? How many people see the adverts you put up on billboards, street corners or storefronts? How many of those people go ahead to contact you for business?

Here’s what I can tell you: They aren’t up to 4 billion.

22 years in this business, and Dean Schlenker, the owner of Cyber Controller, can tell you with authority that your business needs to be on the internet to grow. And it needs the expert touch of an expert and experienced internet marketing webmaster such as Dean Schlenker himself.

Cyber Controller clocked 22 years in business last month. And we have been boosting business through the internet the entire time. That’s more than enough time to achieve mastery over this art. Cyber controller has been performing internet marketing gigs for businesses for several years and there’s sufficient evidence to prove we’re good at what we do.

Since 1995, we have been building other companies’ online exposure using whatever tools best fit the budget. We have a long string of highly-efficient techniques and strategies that put companies at the frontline in their niche. They get found on the internet and get more business calls and deals. It’s an instant improvement to their business.

You want this improvement for your business too. 22 years in the business, Cyber Controller is the internet marketing webmaster to contact to set your business up on the internet and to get new business some times in the same day.