February 25, 2018

5miles Advertising

5miles was founded by Liang Lu and Rick Cantu in 2014. Despite its young age, it’s making waves in the area of online marketing. Like eBay and Craigslist, 5miles is a digital marketplace where users can trade stuff they have no use for with other users. But unlike eBay, and as it’s named hints, users can’t trade items with other users from all over the world. They are limited to trading items within a 5-mile radius of their location.

5miles advertising

5miles advertising

5miles stands out in the range of stuff you could buy on its platform. You could buy and sell, furniture, services, and houses. Jobs are among the wide range of offers you can expect to find on 5miles. 5miles has apps for Android and iOS devices. It has an impressive looking interface that keeps its users locked on and scrolling through the available offers. The 5miles app is easy to navigate even for the less tech-savvy.

Why you should consider Advertising on 5miles

Just being an online marketplace makes it an ideal platform for advertising.

When you want to advertise your business or services, place your adverts on platforms that have a constant stream of people visiting every day. 5miles is an excellent platform to do this.

Broad Range of Offers

Due to the wide range of offers available on 5miles, from household items to job offers, people from different works of life and age group will find their way to 5miles. There’s a very good chance of getting the attention you seek by placing your ads on 5miles.

Large User Online Presence

As earlier mentioned, the 5miles apps for Android and iOS devices have impressive UI. Attractive pictures of the deals will keep users scrolling for long periods of time. This is quite easily one of the best reasons to advertise your business or services on 5miles.

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