7 Skills your Digital Marketing Team needs to Optimize for Voice SEO

Whatever goals you have given the digital marketing team in your company, one common aspect of it is that they must generate greater results in exposing your business to your target market. If they are not doing that, they might as well be called anything but a “marketing” team. But as digital marketers, the goal is to ensure your company gets more exposure on the internet.

How can this be achieved? A lot of ideas have been put on the internet on how you can use the internet to grow your business. They’re nice and all that, but if you don’t have the right team with the right skills working on those suggestions, you won’t go far.

In our previous blog posts, we talked about how to hire the best digital marketing team. Before you finalize your plans on doing that, you need to know what you should look out for. That is: what skills your team should have.

That is why in this  blog post, we outlined 7 of the necessary skills that the team needs to have to succeed and seize the potentials of voice SEO to contribute to your internet marketing efforts sufficiently.

Internet marketing team

Internet marketing team

7 Necessary Skills your Digital Marketing Team to Optimize for Voice SEO

Skill #1 Social media management

There’s very little to be said about the internet without mentioning the social media aspect of it. So many of your potential customers frequently visit social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You need a digital marketing team that understands how to use these sites for business promotion, including paid ads.

Skill #2 Data analysis

Your team needs this skill, it is absolutely essential. Because you need to be able to track site visitors and their habits and observe your marketing strategy results and trends. This is important for making decisions and strategizing for better results in the future. Look for someone who understands data analytics, for example, someone who can use advanced google analytics.

Skill #3 Design

Content on the internet with pictures get more engagement than normal text content. It has been researched and proven. You need a team member who’s good with designs. Although most designs could be outsourced, it helps to have one proficient in the skill to get exactly what the company needs because they will know exactly what to look for.

Skill #4 SEO (especially Voice SEO)

Search engine optimization is very important. And that’s old news in the digital marketing sphere by the way. Most people visit your site through search engine sites like Google. You need someone who understands SEO (and voice SEO because some of the searches are done via voice input). Effective SEO and Voice SEO will ensure your site consistently ranks tops in search results.

Skill #5  Content marketing

Content is king. You have probably heard that before. And the content being referred to here doesn’t necessarily mean only text content. Content can also be videos, infographics, podcasts, infomercials, etc. There absolutely has to be someone who has mastered content marketing on your team. This is very important. Without content, you are offering people nothing to assess you by on the internet.

Skill #6 Programming

A little bit of programming knowledge and skill will come in handy one of the days you are executing your internet marketing plan. Find someone with some programming knowledge.

Skill #7 Project management

Face it, this is 2018 , and digital marketing has become a really big deal. Some digital marketing teams grow to be very large, like more 100 people large. And digital marketing campaigns are projects that need seamless and efficient coordination. You need someone with project management skills and experience on the team. Because this is a huge ship that needs steering in the right direction for the best results to come out.