App Marketing

We will love to congratulate you for getting your app live. Just a couple of things left to do to elevate your brand all the way to the top. Now you much marketing your App. This can turn out to be the most difficult aspects of developing your mobile app – and ultimately getting to grow and expand your business. At Cyber Controller we are dedicated to making this experience an easy and hassle-free task!

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This stage in your app development requires knowledge of pre-launch, Promotion strategies and some out-of-the-box thinking/initiative. There are numerous strategies to employ. Proper application will boost the number of downloads your app gets. The higher the number of downloads, the more your business is discovered, the larger your customer base. And with the app, it’s easier for your customers to conduct business with you. All this means more profit.

App marketing

App Marketing involves

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Just as you have to optimize your website and blogs for Search Engines, you have to Optimize your app for App Store, Play Store, and Windows. App Store Optimization incorporates the following strategies:

Optimized App Store Description

The temptation to engage in keyword stuffing is very inviting. But don’t indulge in it. You’ll only be damaging your business reputation. Instead, focus on writing honest reasons. The first two paragraphs should be a brief description of the functionalities of your app and why potential customers should use your app.

App Icon Name

This is the name of your app once it’s been installed on a customer’s device. Space is limited to only 12 characters. Use this wisely. Be creative.

App Icon

Although a miner element, your app icon will say a lot about your business. We live in a world where most people respond very well to visual cues. Working with a graphic designer to create the ideal app icon that will convey info about the sort of service you’re offering. Keeping it simple yet making it stand out from the multitude of icons in a user’s device.

Choose the Ideal Category

This is an important aspect of App Store Optimization. You want to make sure your app can be found in the right category when potential customers come searching.

Other strategies under ASO include

If your app can solve a real problem very efficiently, you won’t need to worry about publicity. Existing users of your app will spread the word for you and word of mouth starts taking over. Everyone knows that’s the most effective way to publicize or push any product.

You can easily put into effect some of these strategies. For others, you will require professional assistance. This is where Cyber Controller comes in. We will help you ensure your app gets found in the stores with excel reviews. You know what these translate to? More exposure and profit for your business!