April 23, 2013

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Total Traffic Annihilation Fake Reviews

My inbox is once again flooded with crap – this time selling more junk called Total Traffic Annihilation. I have been wondering what to do with this site and finally decided to use it to simply out all the would-be Internet marketers selling shit to other would-be internet marketers. Since Total Traffic Annihilation is the latest piece of crap being launched on clickbank or better known as crapbank by those who have been around a while I’ll start with it.

If you are a beginner then pay attention.

Internet Marketing Product Developers are just that. They make money online by continually repackaging one or several components necessary for selling online. These components are 1) Traffic Generation, 2) List building, 3) Sales Copy, 4) Web Site building, 5) Content Generation, 6) Search Engine Optimization, 7) Backlink Generation. In most cases they develop automated tools (software) to do the above. Each time they release the latest greatest method to instant wealth you can be sure that they have simply repackaged one or more of the above with a new “twist”. Many don’t even bother to do that.

These developers do not and never have made a dime using any of the products they produce. They make money by enticing the hoards of clickbank noobs to sell their product for them to people who are even less experienced than the clickbank noobs.

Six months later the developer comes up with yet another latest greatest method to get rich and the process begins all over again.

Ask yourself this – if the product does what it claims then…

1) why sell it in the first place? Keep it to yourself and make millions using it. Wouldn’t you?

2) why are the clickbank noobs selling it? Again if it is so great and they own a copy why aren’t they using it to make money instead of promoting it to others? (Answer – they didn’t buy it – they are just selling it)

3) what happened to the last great get rich quick product that was released last month, six months ago, last year etc? How could it be so wonderful then and no longer on the map today?

If you Google “Total Traffic Annihilation Review” you will see pages of fake bullshit reviews as all the clickbank noobs vie for top spot in the serps. There is not a single real review among them. Not one. Everyone of them is praising a program that they haven’t even seen – it doesn’t get released until today – and of course offering the ever popular bonuses in order to get you to buy through their link and not someone else. Btw – the bonuses are almost always crap PLR products that are 1) useless and 2) available for free if you do a little Googling. (Don’t bother – as I said they are crap)

And who am I to tell you this… I’m the guy who invented fake reviews. I started this whole sorry mess years ago and have regretted it ever since. It’s how I got known online – not the fake reviews so much but when I started telling people the truth when readers asked.

And how can I review Total Traffic Annihilation without seeing it myself? Simple. Experience and common sense.

The guy who created it – Steven Johnson – has a history of products on ClickBank. More rehashed stuff like “Sales Letters Creator”, “Elite Money Maker”, “The Quick List Formulas”, “The Next Affiliate Idol”. Are they scams? Not really. Just more of the same regurgitation of basic marketing principles than are constantly repackaged and sold to the latest group of beginners who get it into their mind that they want to make a living online. The problem is – everything you need to know about internet marketing has been said countless times before and is available for free. I should know – I’ve provided it.

In a month from now, Total Traffic Annihilation will be collecting virtual dust on countless noob hard drives where it will never see the light of day and the developer will be offering another sure thing. Pass on it if you are smart.

And just so they know they are scum and should be ashamed of themselves here are the sites dutifully no-followed that sit on page one of the SERP’s offering up their fake reviews of the product…

Fake Total Traffic Annihilation Review 1
Fake Total Traffic Annihilation Review 2
Fake Total Traffic Annihilation Review 3
Fake Total Traffic Annihilation Review 4
Fake Total Traffic Annihilation Review 5
Fake Total Traffic Annihilation Review 6
Fake Total Traffic Annihilation Review 7
Fake Total Traffic Annihilation Review 8
Fake Total Traffic Annihilation Review 9
Fake Total Traffic Annihilation Review 10

Should you click on any of those links you will find most of the sites use pop-unders to further piss you off while trying to escape. Morons. Oh and almost every site has a bad reputation on WOT (Web of Trust)

WOT website ratings

Alright… for my old friends

I have left this site sit for some time now as I’ve been busy with other projects but it seems a shame not to use it. To that end, I will open it up to any and all of you who are interested in guest posting. It has a little juice which should grow with us and you will have your posts on the home page long enough to benefit. I am interested in anything related to IM, real reviews, software etc. You know the community and what will benefit us – no posts about your un-related niche sites, please. Once it picks up I will share the revenue with everyone who contributes. Just email me your post and we’re good to go. Original content only.

In other news, no secret I will be starting lessons shortly on the new IM site as soon as I finish re-posting the MMOFB content on grizzlybrears.com. I’m about 1/4 done – bloody tedious job – and will then find a use for that site as well. I want to see how G treats it before making plans. As many of you know I have basically distanced myself from the whole IM crowd as my client work has occupied my time for most of the last year or so. I have now hired a few assistants to do the basic day in day out stuff and hope to have more time for the IM sites going forward. I must admit I have missed yakking with you all – looking forward to finding out what has been happening.