September 25, 2016

Booking Tool Discount Service

Booking Tool and Cyber Controller have worked out a very special proposal to provide your business with a one on one marketing webmaster.

This offer covers pretty much anything and everything you might need help with or have questions about.

All phone consultations are provided free of charge and are with a marketing webmaster who has been setting up marketing campaigns and design since Oct. 1995.


My Name is Dean Schlenker, owner of Cyber Controller.

I am extending my time to you to see if you need more local marketing help. And to help you understand why your site needs to use a website design that is coded (for today’s web viewers) 100% the way Google has told us to do it. If you go to this link you can read more about it.

If you currently have a company that is handling your marketing and your site is not updated to this code then I have to say they are not doing you any favors. And I wonder if they really know what they are doing at all (like a Go daddy account would never do you any favors, even if you pay them). It is all automatic programs that do the same thing to all sites.

The only thing Go daddy is somewhat good for is buying a domain at a higher price and with up sales that are free at all other domain selling sites.

The right sites being designed today have the best technology with many powerful advantages. I help many companies to take advantage of this technology and I make sure to stay up to date with them. Having an updated website alone can move a website up in the ranks. Having a main site and on that site a second-coded mobile phone site is wrong (some people call them apps). It hurts your chances to get and hold the #1 spot and goes against what Google wants to see.

If you like to do all your own marketing work then a phone call with me is going to really help you get up to date. Please understand I have no idea what you have done or are doing currently to any of your sites. And I am not saying you are doing it wrong. I just strongly believe that having a marketing webmaster is going to end up saving you more of your money and time.

I see my value as having years of experience doing all kinds of online marketing campaigns and even the latest in direct SMS. My type of services can be used to build on to what you are doing now. If you are #1 on the local maps, great! Then let’s move to the next level. Let’s keep building to ensure you never have a slow day. Most of you know that getting right to the top without AdWords can be very tiring. Adwords does and can work. The trick is to spend less and get more out of a click. Just one of many things Cyber Controller can do for you.

Hiring Cyber Controller gives your company up to 14 more experienced marketing workers, with me being the marketing department controller. That might sound costly, but it is not when working with Cyber Controller. We have specialists in a wide range of marketing campaigns.

You can get a better idea of what can be done for your business with just one short phone call.  623-255-4088 ext1 please text this number to set up a time for me to reach out to you.

You may or you may not find the need to have a marketing webmaster with 21 years of online marketing experience in your corner and if I think that is the case I’ll tell you.

If you ever want to just have a talk about all your marketing campaigns, I am sure you’re going to be enlightened when speaking with me.

Please note. I call it as I see it and never sugar coat it in the worry I might hurt a business person feelings. I am sure we both do not have the time for that. Let’s just get the work done.

I am really good at helping companies better their ROI.

I am really good at helping companies better their ROI

I am really good at helping companies better their ROI

I look forward to speaking with you about how to make your online marketing campaigns even better for your business and invested dollars.

If you pass on me no worries, and if you ever have a question I am more than happy to help.

I wish you all the best in your business and look forward to helping all Booking Tool customers.


Dean Schlenker

Phone: 623-255-4088

Text: 623-255-4088



Booking Tool Discount Service
Service Type
Booking Tool Discount Service
Provider Name
Cyber Controller,
18402 N 19th Ave #315,Phoenix,AZ-85023,
Telephone No.+1 623-255-4088
Booking Tool and Cyber Controller have worked out a very special proposal to provide your business with a one on one marketing webmaster.