Custom Fast Wholesale Web Site Hosting

Custom Fast Wholesale Web Site Hosting

You’ve got a great idea for a new website.

You’ve got a great idea about your favorite band.

You’ve got a great idea to help organize your upcoming family reunion.

You’ve got a great idea for your business.

Whatever your great idea you have you can not put that idea online without a few things first.

First steps…

The very first thing you have to do is come up with a domain about your idea. This is a big step you need to think about website Identity Protection.

Website Identity Protection

Once you understand what this is all about then you can make the purchase of your domain. We only use the best when we buy URLs and that company is

If you need help with any of this process when it comes to getting a domain just give us a call. Cyber Controller Wants to make sure you do it right, no one else offers this type of help.

Website hosting

The next step is to get hosting, places like GoDaddy are not looking out for your best interest they host 1,000’s of domains on one IP and on the same server. They are about up-selling and more upselling and not providing the best service. Our hosting service provides all you ever could need and no up sale’s. Make sure you research your hosting provider and make sure you’re getting a fast server with low loads. A local small hosting company most of the time is a good fit, again research.

Then, design your website

The next thing is designing your new site. Contact us for the best SEO friendly sites and more. This is a big part of having success online with your website.

Like or other services we run a flat price for your hosting needs. Our hosting platform is solid and stable we provide reliable web hosting to our clients. We’ve integrated innovative features into our platform to offer the web hosting solutions you need and we ensure that your web pages work quickly and consistently.(the way Google wants to see it)

Disk Space Unlimited
Monthly Traffic Unlimited
MySQL v.5 Databases Unlimited
PostgreSQL v.8.3 Databases Unlimited
PHP4, PHP5, and PHP6 OK
FTP Manager YES
SPAM Filters YES
Anti-Virus Protection On Server YES
Service Uptime 99.99%
Customer Support YES – 1 hour per month
Monthly Billing $24.99
Annually Billing $250.00

*$50.00 saving with annually billing