April 23, 2013

Cyber Controller – FAQ

Cyber Controller – FAQ

Cyber Controller


It’s our goal to achieve a top 10 ranking for at least 30% of your
targeted phrases, within 6 months. If 30% or more, of the targeted
keyword phrases, achieve first page rankings on Google or Bing, the
campaign will be considered a success. If, at the end of six months,
less than 30% of the targeted keyword phrases do not appear on the
first page of Google or Bing, we will provide up to 45 additional days of
service, at no cost.



1. How do your SEO packages work?

We’ve got several ways to make them work at MeasurableSEO – we call
them the Good, Better, and Best SEO Packages. Each package comes with a
clearly defined set of tools and services at a fixed price so budgeting
is easy and results are measurable.

2. How soon to expect measurable results from our SEO packages?

Each website is as different as each business owner and it’s the
unique nature of each one that makes internet marketing so exciting.
Effective advertising, in any medium, works best with a long-range plan
rather than a one-time-only foray so we encourage building
relationships, not merely selling advertising packages.

We’ve seen big things happen in as little as 30 days but a solid
return on an SEO investment usually takes a bit longer. We generally
see ranking improvements that are clearly measurable in about 10 to 12
weeks. We like to see fast results so we work as aggressively as we
can with each client while maintaining the highest level of integrity in
our performance. We also maintain constant watch over SERPs (search
engine results pages) so we can recommend keyword adjustments as quickly
as possible.

3. How much does it cost?

MeasurableSEO packages are priced by the monthly unit, with packages starting
at $300. Please note these prices reflect SEO strategies only; there are no
programming or website development services included in these packages.

4. How to pay for our services?

Simply sign up for monthly subscription service via PayPal; you’ll be
billed automatically each month. All MeasurableSEO services must be
paid in advance before we begin work on your account each month, but
you have total control over your PayPal account. You can cancel your
subscription to our SEO services at any time.

5. Any restrictions?

Yes. We do not work with websites dealing in pornography, payday
loans, prescriptions, pills, or casinos.

6. What about customer support?

MeasurableSEO is proud of its customer service team, available Monday
through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM EST. We’re available
online, by telephone at 1-518-396-5550, or Skype at prowebpromo.

Most of our client concerns are resolved within 24 hours of
contacting us but we’re often much quicker than that. Call us today –
about our friendly customer service and our affordable aka Cheap SEO

Powerful Monthly SEO packages at an Affordable cost.
With Guaranteed Top 10 Rankings*


SEO packages require a 6-month commitment to qualify for the guarantee
A guarantee is contingent upon both parties agreeing to the final targeted KW list
We opt for manual submissions only
All links are from relevant pages
All practices followed by Measurable SEO are White hat.

Price: $300.00

Cyber Controller
(623) 255-4088 18402 North 19th Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85023

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