January 16, 2014

Cyber Controller Local Internet Marketing Services

Cyber Controller

We at Cyber Controller understand what is needed for your site to get found on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other’s search engines.  Cyber Controller is only interested in the best online advertising options / campaigns to get your business found at the best cost.  The cost for our promotion service(s) is minimal / affordable.  Normally,  the time frame is approximately 33 – 180 days for our results to show. Our Internet marketing will not get your business website banned or slapped in Google like what has happens to others who pick the wrong online marketing services.  If you have found your site to not be showing up give us a call and we’ll tell you what we see wrong and also provide you with steps on how to fix it, so make sure your ready to take notes. Or Let Cyber Controller can handle your local marketing no matter what state or city your in. With Google updating the way to are reading and ranking your site with the known hummingbird update you more then ever need to make sure your promoting smarter then ever. You need to understand the 3 main things that Google is looking at now.

Who is the best company to use for Internet marketing?

As a wholesale Phoenix Internet marketing provider we stand behind all of our work.  We are employed by online marketing and design companies from all over the US to handle their clients Internet marketing and website design needs.  We control and handle hundreds of business marketing campaigns each month.

When you hire Cyber Controller you can be assured that you are getting professional / personal  service(s) at an affordable cost.

Our billing structure is set at a flat, unbeatable rate.  We never gouge or over sell a service that is not needed and always explain what your site needs and why it is needed. We grow with you and the results we get for you only builds your trust in us. Our online marketing services are setup to provide results at affordable prices.  For example, our specialized hosting service is $24.99 a month and that fee also includes one (1) hour each month of free technical support for your website.  That is a $73 dollar value.  You can use that hour to learn how to control your own website design needs or we can do the changes for you.  All of our website designs use the latest technology that Google suggests to use.  The site designs are 100% SEO and smart device friendly and ready, as Google has said they want to see. We are marketers first and use this knowledge when designing any website.  Our site designs are setup so, that any one can handle and control their own website.  Also, all of our websites have domain to IP ratio control and load fast most hosting company’s have not read what Google thinks about that! Are you on a smart phone like an  iPhone or Android right now?  If so, we know you are having a great experience and the navigation is just perfect for you to read every word on our site.  If you are on a computer or laptop we suggest you grab a smart phone to see how our site technology understands how you are viewing our site.  Just as if you are on a smart phone check out our site on a computer / laptop.  We want you to see how the site changes depending on what device is being used.  We call this a “2014 website”, anything less is out of date. The Internet is constantly changing with significant changes over the last couple of years.  This year we have seen places like eBay, Facebook, and a majority of all larger companies that do not have their heads in the sand, scrambling to get with the times.  Google is leading the industries and each month they make additional upgrades and improvements.  Most of you have not noticed these changes, but they are making updates frequently to have the best smart device technology that works with computers and laptops.  Google started these upgrades a few years back.  Bing was the company that leaked out what they had seen for the future, but Google ran with it as Bing fumbled the ball and could not figure out how to move the technology forward to handle both computers and smart devices. You might be saying great and why are you telling me about this? Learn more / continue reading… Click Here

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