July 31, 2013

Cyber Controller Local Internet Marketing

Cyber Controller Local Internet Marketing

We are trying to inform you of what has been going on for over two years and to let you know we use the same technology on our websites. What this means is if you where to view the html code of this site, it is the same code that a smart device sees (again, what Google wants). We do not design one site for computer monitors and then get an app or design a site for a cell phone. Google wants to come to your site and know that the site they are indexing is the same site a smart phone is going to see. This is an advantage in Google eyes.

Cyber ControllerCyber Controller is telling you all this so you understand that we are an Internet marketing company first and website design company second. We will not design a website without using today’s future technology coding. You do not want to design a website that is out of date anyways. You also do not want to design a website the way you would like it. You must design it so any one that comes to your site is in your control. They see and do what you want. So, yes, most likely you are in need of a website re-design.

Cyber Controller  services are pretty much set in stone and at wholesale costs.

What we can do for you

Now we know each web site / company has its own special needs and we are quick to find the holes in your online presence. We can quickly fill those holes, with some help from you of course. Please do not think that once you hire us and then you are done. That is not how any online business is going to have success. We have to get information from you and you are going to have to provide information / items to us. We understand that time is precious…that you are a busy person and you have a business to run / operate, but in order for us to perform our tasks we will need some information from you. It is not a load of work, but it does require a few minutes of your time. If you cannot provide us all the information that we request in a timely manner then perhaps it might be best to pay us for the time it will take to create what is needed for your online business, freelance.

Very few of our online marketing campaigns are identical step for step. If you are going to hire a marketing company to brand your business online, so you can be found when someone searches for your products or services then I recommend doing it correctly by building the basic criteria and posting the basic company information.

Grow your Internet exposure like a real company would grow

Google is watching and is ultimately the final decisionCell Phone Marketing maker of your business being on page one/top 10 in search results. Let’s create a foundation with Google and the other search engines so, your placement holds strong year after year.

If you really want to learn about marketing your business, then I suggest you get a Google webmaster account and start reading.

All the webmaster’s on Google forums keep it real and you can read about what works and what is not working. I do think Google puts out false information from time to time to steer the forum conversation in a different direction to protect the algorithms from being exposed, so keep an eye out for that.

We have links on our site to other sites that offer a niche service. Most of the Internet marketing services our clients have grown to love over the years are be faded out, they have no value to the future of online exposures. Even email is something you should be getting away from as a main line to communicate with your prospects and customers.

So our home page is a very soft sale but you should really take the time to talk with us if you truly want to turn your sale volume around. Our advertising expertise is going to help you fix errors or stop you from making bad investment when it comes to your online exposure. So stop wasting your time with the hype of sales and let’s get your Internet marketing rolling.

Why use us?

Simple! Our lead Internet marketing programmer has over 22 years of online marketing expertise and we only do marketing. Your expertise is what you do, if we need your type of service we would call on you for help. Stop the madness and get the internet marketing guru’s from Phoenix Arizona on your side. Click Here To take your first steps to online marketing success!


Today’s Internet marketing from Phoenix Arizona to YOUR local market place!

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18402 North 19th Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85023

We provide the marketing insight to make it happen!!! (website design and hosting and Internet marketing) You can be found and grow your business in phoenix or any city and state!!!

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