April 23, 2013

Cyber Controller Meta Tag

Cyber Controller Meta Tags


The major barriers Cyber Controller see’s with most company’s branding perceptions.

Many company CEO’s and managers have their own interpretation of how they want their brand to be portrayed and ostensibly perceived online. A luxury second-hand car dealer, for example, may only want to include the words ‘pre-owned automobiles’ on their website, and not ‘used cars’. They think that is what works best and that is what they offer.

Keyword search

What you think are your best keywords may not actually be good for business

Cyber Controller is going to do the research and find that using ‘pre-owned automobiles’ in your meta tag is a negative to the site. Thousands of people are searching for a ‘used car’, and very few are searching for a ‘pre-owned automobile’. So we always ask what you think your top keywords are and we let you know that we are going to do our own research and let you know what the market is searching and what your best-targeted keywords are.

We use the keywords above as an example, the fact is most likely both of these keywords should not be used in your meta tag. This example is used to help you understand what you might think is the best keyword can be 80% wrong. Until the right research is completed, neither you nor Cyber Controller knows what is the best words to use in your meta tags.

Cyber Controller completes in-depth market research and then uses only the words to help in the top listing for your market. A few of the things we look in to are like, comprehensive geographic targeting, comprehensive geographical locations, and comprehensive Longtail.

Cyber Controller

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