April 23, 2013

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Website development entails numerous components which ultimately determines whether or not your site sinks or swims! Getting the right backlinks is the most important factor to consider. Moreover, even if your site has thousands of backlinks pointing to it, if it is not properly

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for search engine optimization chances are the site will not maintain its placement in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).

Google homepage

Google homepage

I find it simply amazing that there is so much content floating around in cyberspace about the various attributes of back links and whether or not their value has any significance for your website or blog. Some critics will vehemently proclaim that no follow back links have no value whatsoever! Others state that keyword anchored backlinks with either do follow or no follow attributes have positive value as long as they are acquired from a source that:

  1. has relevant content to the key words utilized in the link; and
  2. is credible by scrutiny of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

In any case it is important to know what does and does not work, otherwise, you may just be spinning your wheels…

As for the truth to whether the “do follow” vs. “no follow” attribute matters, it is essential to know that the only difference between do follow and no follow is that a “no follow” attribute is a hyperlink inclusion that tells search engines not to pass on any credibility or influence from the host site to any outbound link from that site. In doing this it allows the host site to maintain its integrity or page ranking assignment. However, that does not necessarily mean that the fact that a site with PR 6, 7, or 8 — a site considered extremely credible by search engines — cannot afford credibility to outbound links from the site, does it?

A recent discovery in my Hostgator cPanel helped me to conclude that even “no follow” backlinks can boost your site up in the SERPS past high PR sites, even if your site has zero or lower PR! What I discovered is that my cPanel now includes SEO Tools called Attracta SEO and it is excellent!

My opinion is that Hostgator is the best hosting source available. My sites are never down, it has an excellent cPanel, and their support is extraordinary! What has this got to do with Backlinks? Well, when you use the coupon code: “FREESEOTOOLS” when you sign up for Hostgator Hosting you save money in conjunction to a service that has excellent SEO tools, resources, and credibility with the search engines.

In conclusion, I wish to end this post with a simple question to visitors:

Would you pay for PR 6-7 backlinks? If so:

How much would you pay for six of these high PR backlink resources?

Looking forward to your responses!

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