April 23, 2013

Cyber Controller Sample Press Release

Cyber Controller

Advanced SEO Services for 2013 – Launched By Cyber Controller

With all the research gained through the past year, Cyber Controller team has come up with a whole lot of effective SEO services especially for 2010, according to the well-experienced SEO professionals of Cyber Controller.

Cyber Controller in the business of Search Engine Optimization

Cyber Controller is one of the best performers when it comes to effective search engine optimization. It has been a testing period for all the SEO firms out there during 2009, as they had to prove the effectiveness of the SEO services during the tough market time.

While Global recession ate up many online businesses (including some SEO companies as well), Cyber Controller’s launched a special SEO package to deal with recession. This recession SEO package really worked out in beating the heat of recession and Cyber Controller succeeded many online businesses survive this rock bottomed economic period.

Throughout 2009, we were challenged to offer the best SEO services to our clients. We had to overcome the effects of recession along with the fierce competition. Our SEO analyst had to work hard in re-writing the SEO rules and attain maximum results. The recession SEO package was the result of the great work of our research team,” says Mr. Guna the CEO of Cyber Controller.

Mr. Amar of the research team says,

“SEO trends change frequently and obviously, 2010 has given birth to many new effective search engine optimization strategies. Most of the conventional SEO strategies like manual directory submission still work but they need to be done with an advanced approach. We have implemented many advanced strategies to manual directory submission. So there is not just a single type of directory submission that is available with Cyber Controller. There are lots of flavors of directory submission to choose from. Country-wise directory submission is now available with us. We will be able to submit websites to exclusive web directories of USA, UK, Canada and Australia. In addition to that we have discovered a perfect way to promote the inner pages of a site through directory submission. We called it ‘The Deep Link Submission’, where even the inner pages of a site can be promoted. We have found industry-specific directories for real estate, Christian websites and CSS galleries as well.”

Cyber Controller Social Media Marketing

The main update with Cyber Controller is the all-new social media marketing section unveiled recently.

The Social Media Marketing Manager Mr. Jenin’s words were,

“Social media marketing is entirely different from basic search engine submissions. Social media marketing requires a lot of experience and knowledge about the same to succeed. That is the reason why we have sorted all the social media marketing strategies out of the regular submission projects. There are a handful of effective social media marketing services added to a separate Web 2.0 section of Cyber Controller.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Geno Thampi, the marketing manager of Cyber Controller said,

“We are offering huge discounts for article marketing this spring. Clients can avail upto 40% discount for the article marketing services that we provide. The main aim of this offer is to let people try and understand the real fact that article marketing still has its charm.”

About Cyber Controller

With over 7+ years of expertise in offering effective search engine optimization services to overseas clients, Cyber Controller is one of the leading SEO firms in India. Outsourced by Inc5000 companies, they are the most trusted SEO firm providing advanced Social media marketing services as well.

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