July 20, 2015

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We can help anyone and everyone with website development. From one-time events to longtime businesses, we can get your ideas from your head onto the web. We care about each and every one of our clients as if they were close friends or family members so we’ll never do you wrong or cheat you out of time or money.

You need a good web hosting service

You need a good web hosting service

The process can be very simple. First, the domain name you wish to use needs to be purchased. We use Namesilo.com for all of our domain and URL purchasing to ensure the best results. If you are having problems getting your domain, give us a call because at Cyber Controller we want to ensure everything is done correctly and we help from the very first step, unlike other companies.

Once the domain is purchased, it’s time to talk about hosting. Some of the heavily advertised hosting sites do not care about you as an individual, seeing as they can host thousands of domains on one IP address or server. They keep tacking on services to get more money out of you and they convince you that the cost is fair. It is not. Our hosting services provide you with more services at lower costs with no added costs or up sales. Please do your research when looking for hosting, and contact us if you have any concerns or issues. Smaller local companies are often the best bet when it comes to hosting because the site will gain more traction in your service area than the global or national companies.

Not only will your website run smoothly on all browsers and devices, but with our help, you will be number one on local search results! Get past your competition with help from SEO and other services to give your business the boost it deserves.

Web design

Every project we take on uses the best technology 2015 can offer us. You save money with our wholesale industry website design practices that stay current. We do our research to bring you the best web development practices and companies and technology at the best available cost to you. We work with both web browser and mobile phone browser compatibilities and we will continue to search for simpler, cheaper, and more effective solutions to your needs, desires, or problems.

Web design

Web design

With our web design, we will help you establish your small business and improve your image and web presence. We have helped companies who are just getting off the ground as well as companies which have been around for decades and are just starting to get into the digital age and really use the internet to their advantage. Our company has over 60,400 hours of online services, expertise, and creativity under our belts and with that time we can prove our web design services can make a difference.

With our website design, you get:

  • User-friendly designs platforms and site maintenance.
  • Fast loading themes and designs.
  • Private, in progress viewing options throughout the design and development process.
  • Easily manageable content to allow easy access and a chance to change it at will.
  • Search engine coding.
  • User-friendly websites any user can use.
  • Request forms to allow visitor feedback and inquiries using email or other information.
  • Free small/minor changes to anything on the website for 4 weeks after the launch of the website.

Regular and ongoing support for questions and issues regarding the site.

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