April 23, 2013

Cyber Controller – Twitter Marketing

Cyber Controller – Marketing with Twitter

Twitter is a very popular way to let your friends, family and followers know the latest thought to cross your mind, it’s also a great way to marketing your site, services, products and brand to customers and new audiences.


Twitter is a microblogging tool used by all types of people, across the planet. Including Donald Trump. While twitter has to be 280 characters or less, a message can leave a lasting impression. Connecting people in real-time, you can tweet on your mobile phone or online, which means that information can be constantly and immediately shared.
Twitter – build your brand, share information and market your company on this great social media. Get the best results with Twitter by posting thoughtful honest info.

Twitter marketing

Twitter marketing

Twitter Marketing

The plan could be something like this. First, consider your business.

  1. What is your brand?
  2. Who is your customer?
  3. What you are providing them?
  4. Is it information?
  5. Security?
  6. Tools to advance their careers?
  7. Personal Satisfaction?
  8. Enlightenment?

You must have a complete sense of brand and business image, then you’ll be able to use Twitter to showcase your product or services.

The key to marketing is messaging. You need to figure out the right balance between what you say, how you say it, and how often you say it.

Using Twitter successfully, you will need to avoid overwhelming your followers with tweets. Constant updates do not have to be just tweeting links and pitches. Some people might just unfollow you if that is all they see. Make sure to tweet helpful info and insights.

Twitter is a marketing tool to help get more sys on your product or service, and does take a little bit of time. Twitter is a information place, almost like a live news station. Make sure to be providing good content and make sure that info is up todate. Maybe you provide ten tips in every newsletter, or your Q&A forum gets the most traffic. You know your business so provide appealing information your customers are going to relate with. Build the trust.

Once a week encourage your followers to sign up, join up and visit your website. Tweeting free info and a link to your site for the rest of the story is best. Remember not to always be trying to get that sale on each twitter. Building your credibility as a source of information and expertise is going to go a long way and going to build your followers.
Twitter latest niche news, tweeting relevant headlines and links to articles (written by you naturally), blog posts and news stories will show how up-to-date and relevant.

We also offer a professional Twitter page design service using your company brand.

If you have more questions, need someone to run your twitters page or need a help building a plan, give us a call.

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