February 25, 2018

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is not strange news. Everyone has heard about it. With over 1.18 billion active daily users, Facebook is the perfect hunting ground for marketers seeking to expand their customer base and grow their business

Marketing on Facebook is very diverse and quite complex, but don’t stress, it is well simplified if you know what you are doing.

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising


For a start, you need a page. Your business needs a Facebook Page. Creating a Facebook page is as easy as setting up your personal Facebook Profile.

Creating Your Business Page

To create your Business Profile Page on Facebook, click here.

There are six-page types for you to choose from. They include

  • Local business or place
  • Company, Organisation or Institution
  • Brand or products
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Choose the option that best applies to you. Depending on the page type, you’ll be shown a different form. Fill them accordingly. For this case, you might want to choose ‘Local business or place’. If that’s your selection, you’ll be required to enter your

  • Business page name (most preferably your business name)
  • Page category (what sort of service your business provides). Facebook has suggestions to help you decide
  • Street Address
  • City/County
  • Post Code
  • Phone number

After making the required entries, click ‘Get Started’ to continue with your page creation. You’ll be taken to a preview of your page. You’ll want to pause in sharing it others till after you make it more presentable.

1. Add Your Business Profile Photo

This is the first order of business and a step towards giving the page an identity. Most publishers advise using a photo that’s 180 x 180 pixels. You can, however, use a photo that’s quite larger in order to maintain the quality and detail of the photo. The ideal business profile picture is your business logo. This is what Facebook users will see at the top left corner of your Facebook posts. when viewing your Facebook posts.

2. Add Your Business Cover Photo

Facebook will suggest you add a cover photo. It’s not as relevant as your business profile pic, not to be trifled with either. Most the time it enhances the overall appearance of your business page. Choosing an ideal cover photo is a bit if a challenge, trying going for something abstract and eye-catching.

3. Give a Description of your Business

It’s an accomplishing sight, isn’t it? Well, don’t stop now. You need to give your audience some short but detailed description of your business and the service you are offering. You can also give descriptions of your business using “About”. You can locate it at the left menu of your business page.

4. Create a Unique Username for Your Business Page

Your username will be used to create a custom link for your Facebook page.You are limited to 50 characters. Make use of it wisely. The custom link or Vanity Link as it’s also referred to takes the format fb.me/******. “******” is the business unique username you have created. Typing the link takes you straight to your Facebook business page. Therefore you can use it to link your blogs and websites with your Facebook business page.

This is the four main procedures for creating your business page from the Facebook welcome page. There are also other steps to go through to create a fully functional Facebook page. They include:

5. Adding a Button on your Business Page

The purpose is to enable Facebook users to interact with your page/business. The button can take users to your page that takes users to your business home or landing page, make a purchase, or even install your business app!

6. Assigning Roles

7. Customizing your notifications

8. Creating Shortcuts

9. Choosing your business page tabs

10. Verifying your page

Increase Your Likes and Fan Base

The best ways to do this is to personally promote your page using the vanity link we talked about earlier. You can include it in your blog posts and business web pages. This way your website audience can easily connect with your business page. There also the page plugin you can embed on your website and blogs. The page plug-in displays your recent posts on Facebook. Your readers can stay right in your blogs and web pages to like and comment your posts on Facebook.

You can also promote your business page via emails. If your business has a location, you can promote your business page by placing stickers on windows and doors. Your existing customers can assist you to promote your page. Don’t underestimate the power of good old word of the mouth. It remains an excellent promotion strategy.

Advertising Your Business on Facebook

Advertising Facebook is not as easy as it might seem because there is a lot to consider. This has prevented a lot of marketers from taking advantage of all that Facebook has to offer in terms. Just keep an open mind and be patient with the procedures and you’re on your way to an increased customer base. It’s often said that “nothing good comes easy”.

With Facebook, you could set up targeted ads. This is a great way to ensure your business is found by your desired audience. You can also make general ads if you wish to reach a larger number of Facebook users.

When creating ads on Facebook, you are offered to choices of editors (Ad Manager and Power Editor) to use in creating your adverts. Power Editor favors large companies, if your business is a small one or a startup, Ad Manager should be your choice.

Before you create an ad, Facebook provides you with 11 of marketing objectives. The main marketing objectives include

  • Awareness
  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Local Awareness
  3. Reach
  • Consideration
  1. Traffic
  2. Engagement
  • App Installs
  1. Video views
  2. Lead generation
  • Conversion
  1. Conversion
  2. Product catalog sales
  • Store visits

Facebook also has options for scheduling your ads. There’s a whole lot you can do with Facebook than just socializing with people. With its Facebook Analytics, you could do a ton of things to improve your ads and increase your customer base. It’s all up to you.

With that being said, very few business owners take advantage of the wide range of services and opportunities offered by Facebook to grow their business. Don’t be left out. Join the wagon of successful marketers that grow their business daily. Facebook is a marketer’s paradise.

Should you require assistance in advertising your business on Facebook, contact Cyber Controller. We understand that advertising on Facebook can be overwhelming, so we’re glad to take the burden off your shoulders. Just give us a call and we’ll take it from there!

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Should you require assistance in advertising your business on Facebook, contact Cyber Controller. We understand that advertising on Facebook can be overwhelming, so we're glad to take the burden off your shoulders. Just give us a call and we'll take it from there!