How to hire your Voice Internet Marketing Team

This is 2018. A lot of business executives are already aware of how vital an  internet marketing team is to their marketing efforts. But only a few businesses are consistently using this relatively new aspect of marketing to generate better results at the end of each quarter.

How can yours be one of the businesses CONSISTENTLY generating excellent sales from internet marketing?

The answer to that is very broad. And that’s the whole point behind Cyber Controller . We have discussed that in several blog posts on our site.

In this post, we will discuss an aspect of internet marketing many digital marketers are taking for granted. Even in 2018. Even when it’ll be responsible for 50% of web traffic by 2020! And how to build the dream team for this strategy.

Think about the future. Read on.

Internet Marketing Team

Internet marketing team

Internet marketing team

Why hiring your Voice Marketing Team is just smart!

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, what do they all have in common?

Yes, AI. Also, voice search. According to statistics by comScore, at least 80% of all internet searches will be by voice or image search by 2020. Bring it back to the present, in 2018, many businesses think they are doing well online when it comes to SEO . But when you do a voice search, for example, “OK Google, what is the nearest Window Cleaning company to me?”, some companies that would rank high if that was a regular text search won’t show up in the voice search. Ever heard of Voice SEO? You need it!

And you need a team to help you stay optimized to be discovered every time a voice search is done on your keywords .

How to hire your Voice Internet Marketing team

Of course, it’s straightforward: Find the right talent, hire them, keep them happy and they will generate great conversion results. Right? Wrong. It isn’t that easy. If it was, businesses everywhere will be shooting for the stars. This is what separates the top from the bottom. I am sure nobody reading this is aiming for the bottom. If you are aiming for the bottom, you are in the wrong place. You should check out deep sea diving.

1. Attract the kind of talent your team needs

This is the first stage in the process of getting your team together. As much energy as you put into hunting for candidates, you should also put an equal amount of energy is making your workplace and culture attractive to candidates.

Nothing attracts new talent better than your staff boasting about the pleasure of working in your company. So, invest in a great work environment and efficient work culture.

2. Ask your employees to recommend and refer talent

Employees are the best in finding who they want to work with. One with the right skill, the right attitude and someone they can work with seamlessly to reduce the workload.

Take an example from companies that provided an incentive for their employees to bring in new talent to the team. This incentive was given only if the candidate was successfully hired.

3. Take from your competitors

We all have competitors. Find those companies doing it right and solicit for their employees with the skills you need in your business. The persuasion is up to. You can use professional social networks like LinkedIn to find these people.

4. Find talent on Social media

As much as you can connect with customers on social media, you can also connect with potential job candidates.

Making a post on your company’s Facebook page, for example, could attract the interest of candidates who are already interested in your business.

Even m0re than that, it’s a good way to connect with people around the world.

You can also use targeted paid ads to find talent on social media, as well as anywhere else on the web. The good thing about targeted paid ads is that, with a few minutes spent on targeting, you can get this posts to people who are most likely to be interested in your company and live in the location you want.

5. Search specialized job boards

In looking for the talent for your Voice Internet marketing team, you would want people with specific skill sets. One of the best ways to find those people is to visit specialized job boards. An example is when looking for a content writer for your blog you can visit Problogger.

6. Hire internationally

In this time and age, workers don’t have to be confined four walls in a definite location.

Many organizations boast of employees working from around the world. There’s no reason why you can’t do that too.

This is beneficial because you don’t have to pay to house these workers for the time they will be working for you.


When taking the leap to secure your top spot in Voice internet marketing, building the right team is vital. You should keep one thing in mind: There is no such thing as a perfect team.

So keep your mind open and don’t employ based on years of experience alone. You need people who would blend into the office work culture effortlessly too. I wish you good luck and success, from the masters of internet marketing, Cybercontroller .