JB Stocker

SO much bs with the other seo companies. The 1st time Dean and I talked he did not say what the other where saying. So I spent loads of cash trying to get my sites found so I could expand my business into the nearby city. 15 months later I got lucky when I was cleaning out my inbox. I saw the emails from Cyber Controller. I open up the 1st one and right then I remember the words Dean Spoke. I clicked on his link and gave him a call. It was weird that he seem to remember me, and after I gave him just one of my url’s I could tell he remembered. He was very nice and he asked so how’s your marketing going. I lied at 1st a little to just see how he would reply. I was really at my wits end and figured the Internet net was just not going to work. So it was music to my ears to hear Dean ask question about the other 3 sites and how they were doing. I mean so much time passed and this guy seems to remember a lot about my sites. So I had to tell him the truth about what I had been going on and that I really did not know what to do. What was so amazing was how he started to tell me a few things about how some things had changed and how I just need to do a few things here and ad this and fix that. Then he said hold on a second, about 10 seconds of silence then he said to me “you never protected your brand I see” At that point I remember him telling me about how to buy the other urls of my company name. But that was not all… he then told me that a .net domain was out ranking me under my own company name. He then said “You should fix that!” Right then I said Stop and ask how much for him to take over as my marketing guy? He price was less and his knowledge is 100% more than the other 2 company’s combined. So I write this for the simple reason to 1st tell Dean and Cyber Controller THANK YOU for all you do. The 2nd thing I hope anyone reading this can learn from my huge mistake of buying in to the hype and the seo companies that say they can get you ranking in a super fast time frame. I have learned that if they are saying that then they really do not know what they are doing. Dean never would play that game with me and even told me that no one can guarantee top listing. Now after just 2 months of Dean’s Company working on my sites I see ranking under the right keywords and I am starting to see my websites ranking move up and doing a little business. So the internet can work for my business! Thx again JB