Lead Generation Package

No traffic? No leads? No problem.

Let us turn your website into a customer-seeking machine. Start attracting new clients within days, not months, using our powerful Lead Generation Package.

You’ve got a great looking website, but few people are coming to visit. Worse yet, the few that visit are leaving without contacting you for a quote or conversation!

How do you generate more qualified leads to your website, faster?

Onsite and offsite SEO is great and needs to be done, but it’s a long-term solution. Having a lead generation plan can get more activity going quickly when you use the right strategy.

Our lead generation package offers a 2-Step approach.

  1. First, you need to generate targeted leads to your business and we do that through online advertising such as Facebook ads or Google Adwords to drive traffic.
  2. Once a prospect gets to your new landing page you need to convert them into a lead. This is where we use a direct call-to-action such as a quote form and/or a transitional call-to-action such as a compelling download or checklist. From here it sets off a series of emails that allows you to stay in touch with your prospects.

Lead Generation Packages include:

We’ll solve your 5 trickiest lead generation challenges:

Problem: No new leads are visiting my site.
Solution: Our ad programs drive people directly to your site.

Problem: My site visitors don’t become customers.
Solution: Lead generation forms gather contact info and generate welcome messages to new customers – all in an automatic process for you.

Problem: I need to stay in touch with existing customers.
Solution: Use email automation, which automatically sends personalized messages with value messaging and your best offers to draw them in.

Problem: I don’t have time to learn how to use online advertising.
Solution: We’re online advertising experts who generate a stream of fresh leads for your business.

Problem: I’m not getting new customers fast enough.
Solution: Ramp up your leads quickly with a Lead Generation Package, and pair it with one of our Marketing Packages to create a comprehensive business plan.

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All Advertising Services Cyber Controller provides are month to month services, no marketing contracts needed, we want to prove our worth month after month.