August 11, 2017

A Business that Starts Marketing on the Internet Must do’s – Period.

Today the internet is almost the only place used when looking for a product or a service.Cell Phone Map with location sms marketing text message marketing

This is a “do it yourself” offer.

This is only for the Google maps marketing for your maps listing.

If you’re a business owner then one of your responsibilities is to make damn sure you’re listing your business/website in all the right places to be found on top of Google.

How do you put your website at the top of a Google search

Sure, you can end up talking to a yext, yodle, or any company that calls you and wants to help list you on the Google Maps, Google My Business G+1 Map listing account. I encourage you to listen to them and you should pick up on the fact they just do sales at a high volume.

I like that idea, the problem is these companies are not going to work for you like I would or any true internet marketing webmaster would. These high sales maps marketing company’s come and go. Good luck with that. They all work by loading you up in to automated, outdated marketing software, really never did any work, and at the maps level that is not going to work in the long run. My sites earn top placement and stay there.

There is a thing called “the Google index rate” and not one of these companies take it serious, my guess is they do not know about it. Read about it on google or click here to read our page about it.  Also, you do not want a company like GoDaddy helping you with anything. Not even to purchase a URL from (try

You have to understand they plug your information into a system that does the same thing for your website that would be done for a dog walker business. Meaning NO PERSONAL time is spent to design even a custom automated marketing campaign for YOUR fight with the local Google maps. These places are years behind on what is happening today and have no idea how to really hold a top spot on Google. That is bad for your URL and your local maps listing.

Local Internet Marketing Results You Can SeeI can go on and on about all this. It is easy for me to do so because I have been doing online marketing for almost 23 years now. I find more than one way to get you new business as we work on growing Google traffic. Winning in Google, is for the most part all any business would need. It does take time to get Google to list you on the top. In the meantime I find other ways for you to get new daily customers, so your R.O.I is going to be fine.

This is Crazy, but…

What I want to offer you now is really crazy for me to do. A friend of mine asked me why don’t I offer step by step how-to for free? I earn, study, and spend plenty of time and money testing and doing a lot of trial and errors to learn what I know about Google and other marketing tools. I feel just giving real marketing insight away is wrong and can come back to bite me in the ass, meaning a footprint is found by Google (very bad). 19 years ago I found a html code error that when put on a website it brought it right to the #1 spot of Alta Vista(#1 search engine back then). Did I tell a few people thinking I am cool? Yeah. Did it end up in a 1999 how to SEO book? Yeah. Did the loophole go away? Yeah. I still could get top listing, but had to work for it. LOL

When it comes to just the local maps marketing, I am going to end the runaround, time and money wastage for you. When you get my information, I’ll tell how to use the info/tool the right way and the way Google wants to see it.

I am going to provide you a list, instructions, and 2 well unknown tasks that if not done reaching #1 or even maybe top 10, is not going to happen (in most industries).

I am going to bring you up to date and make sure you do not overlook the things we had to do 17 years ago.

The list…

The list is up to date and has 510 places to list in. I’ll even provide 130 old places that when last checked were offline. But if they come back online, they will have Google value. Do not be fooled! This is a very powerful list and if you were to do the work it would take many hours.

The other stuff…

I’ll provide you some tasks to adjust/add. This is like SEO 101 stuff for your local maps marketing and base SEO work.

Basically, I am going to tell what you have to do and how to do it. Again, this is many hours of work and once done you’ll reap your rewards as you grow to be a dominant factor on Google. You have to be a dedicated person who has a few extra hours a week to do the work. 99% of owners, no matter what you say, won’t do the work that I provide.

I am great at helping any business and I think that I am at my best when I get to help a brand new business startup online.

$299 for just the list.

$347 for just the list and custom excel form. Requires 10 minutes on the phone or 1o minutes filling out our questions. making sure the listing NAP is all filled in and correct. This would be great to have if your going to do more then one business listing service.

$447 for the custom excel form and my must do tasks (SEO 101 and local maps marketing) a true saving of $3,216.00 over 3 years.

Plan to spend 85 hours if you’re fast on a computer and up to 180 hours if you are slow, doing this work and doing right. I will also tell you what to do after the list is done. You’ll be getting calls from Google way before then. That does not mean your work is done.

You can always call me, I always offer a phone call for free

I am giving up a very little silver of our work, I think for the most part the info I am going to provide to you is almost dummy-proof. If you can not copy and paste a triple verified excel cell to the same or like the same box on a webpage of a link we provide without error, then this is 100% not the work for you. Period.

This is GOLDEN Info

I am giving up a way for you to start a business online, making damn sure you have done the right must do’s to build the proper foundation that Google needs to see.

I am also giving you a list of places to make sure your listed on. This list is geared 100% to Google’s local maps system. About 80% of the people in the US use their cell phone when searching on Google. And if that search has a certain amount of search volume, then Google maps is showed 1st (on top, not in all industries searches).

It is like a win-win for any business because the work load to list on top of google maps is like 1/3 of the work/cost of normal Google organic marketing. Do this work I have outlined first, or keep searching for all those marketing streams to build your business. Whatever you decide I wish you all the best.



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If you’re a business owner then one of your responsibilities is to make damn sure you're listing your business/website in all the right places to be found on top of Google.