March 19, 2018

Moz – Why You Should Use Moz Pro

Wherever SEO tools are mentioned, Moz will definitely be included. With 14 years of operation, Moz is like the grandfather of all Search Engine Optimization Tools. Recently, Moz has undergone some major changes: Moz put up Follerwonk, their social media application for sale. Moz Content Tool was shut down so their main and only focus is SEO and the change which is easily the most interesting development is the introduction of the new “Keyword Explorer” tool. Moz truly started the year in a grand style.

The aim of this page is to inform you on why you should go for Moz if you want an SEO tool that will help you and your business get out of the shadows and be found.

What is Moz?

Moz hasn’t always been known by the name “Moz”, it was formerly called SEOMoz. Moz was founded in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig. It started out as a blog and an online community of the world’s first SEO experts, sharing their ideas and research in the area of SEO. This collective knowledge and ideas propelled them to launch their first SEO tools. And ever since Moz has been rising and growing in experience.

Moz has two SEO packages: Moz Pro and Moz Local. Our focus is on Moz Pro. Moz Local is beyond our scope.

About Moz Pro

Moz Pro is their premium paid all-in-one suite of SEO Tools. The restrictions that come with using the free tools like their Keyword Explorer and Open Site Explorer are removed. These tools will help you understand your visitors and what words they are using to search for your products, crawl and audit your sites, track your search engine rankings, optimize your pages, discover link opportunities and create custom reports.

Features of Moz Pro – Why You Should Use Moz Pro

While Moz Pro has many features and strengths that makes anyone armed with it a formidable opponent online, it may not be for everyone. Although it’s user interface could be frustrating at times, it’s generally easy to understand and navigate if you’re tech-savvy.

Moz Pro comes with great SEO solutions, they include

Rank Tracking

Keywords are important in SEO, but how do you know the keywords you use are the best. By tracking your rankings, you can tell what keywords are really working and which aren’t. Not only can you track your rankings, you can track your competitor’s rankings. Moz Pro Rank Tracking lets you track your sites performance and visibility on Search Engine Results Page(SERP). This is vital information for your SEO strategy.

Keyword Explorer

Keywords can make or break your sites that’s why you have to invest in researching the right keywords. With Moz Pro Keyword Explorer you can seamlessly create, fine tune, manage and prioritize your keywords. This is an excellent tool to facilitate your content strategy and improve your rankings.

Site Crawl

This tool will help you easily discover the technical problems with your site which are standing in your way of pulling high traffic to your site. What this tool does is to monitor the overall health of your site, find and fix broken links or redirects and missing title tags. It isn’t just limited to this. There’s a wide range of site issues that will be monitored with this tool!

On-Page Optimization

Your aim is not just to pull traffic, but to ensure that the traffic stays there on your site. If your contents are not properly optimized, your visitors will be disappointed and leave right away. This sort of thing reports back to the search engine and your ranking suffers. Your ranking will continue to fall unless you do something about it. Moz Pro On-Page Optimization will help you improve your overall user experience and boost your rankings.

Link Research

This tool lets you analyze your link profile with the most trusted link metrics. Using this tool and taking action based on the data you receive will maximize your odds of ranking well.

Custom Reports

This tool lets you easily share your achievements from working hard and smart in boosting your rankings and competitive edge with your team or client. It assists you in creating reports that are very comprehensive.

Is Moz Pro for Me?

You may be asking yourself that right about now. The answer is most likely YES. Moz Pro is for organizations in virtually all industries. Start-ups and small businesses and enterprises will find Moz Pro to be an asset, especially if getting found or boosting their SERP rankings have been problems they’ve struggled with for so long.

Moz Pro is also great for marketers. Moz founder Rand Fishkin said, Moz Pro “is built for marketers and they comprise more than 80% of our ~24,000 paid subscribers.”

Moz comprehensive tool is exactly what you, your site and business need if you want to get out of obscurity into brilliance. The Moz Pro offers impressive solutions that address all the SEO problems your site is faced with.

Moz - Why You Should Use Moz Pro
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Moz - Why You Should Use Moz Pro
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Wherever SEO tools are mentioned, Moz will definitely be included. With 14 years of operation, Moz is like the grandfather of all Search Engine Optimization Tools.