Powerful Strategies for Suppression of Negative Content In Google

Powerful Strategies for Suppression of Negative Content In Google

We deliver professional online reputation management suppression and fixing solutions that give you results.

Our services assist firms, trades, and individuals take control of the online status in Google.

Table of Contents

• Why Select Us?
• Introduction To Online Reputation Management (ORM)
• Effective Suppression Plans
• Optimizing Content For Online Reputation Management
 Link Building Process
• Getting Started

Why Select Us?

What is different about us that makes us a better option than other corporations offering reputation management services:

• No Lengthy Contracts Obligations — our contracts are month-to-month
• Results-oriented — you pay when you are okay with the results we are producing you
• Direct Communication — when you reach us, you talk directly with the people in the mix of things, and not some regular customer services rep who is working on commission and has no clue what plans work
• Innovators — we are quick-thinkers, if we discover a new way that we think will assist our clients to get a grip on their reputation, we deliver it! (12-months after the big companies follow our trends)
• Cost — we suggest you look around. Reach out to other companies and inquire about their strategies for content creation and link building. We are sure that after your research and checking other firms you’ll select us.

Please fill our form or contact us for a free consultation.

Introduction To Online Reputation Management (ORM)

ORM delivers a solid brand reputation, whether you want to project a firm name, business, or an individual name.
It gives you protection against negative news articles, scam reviews, fake claims, and notices by compliant sites.
Just like advertising, sales and marketing are the pillars of your business success, the internet, and the online medium is equally important to establish a reputation of your business.
We assist you in building the best perception and push back harmful content from the first page and beyond, so most people will not see it.

Effective Suppression Plans

All our plans are transparent, and we’re 100% clear with our strategies. Under mentioned are some of the programs that we implement for your promotion, depending on your requirement and budget.

  1. Exact Match Domain (EMD)
    EMD is one of the necessary procedures to apply for online reputation management. It gives excellent results for brands and individual projections.
    An exact match domain is when you use a keyword that is identical to the domain name. For example, if we’re hired to campaign for the keyword XYZ Electronics, then we’d go on to buy a domain name such as xyzelectronicfirm.com. The same strategies are put in motion when we want to push out the content that is not benefiting the business of the individual. If we’re assisting “John Rick” to build his reputation in search engines like Google and Bing, then we’d buy johnrick.com.
    Using the strategy to build content and create links to match the domains, will help the site to rank in no time.
    If the same domain name is not available, then we look out for close resembles or a partial match for the domain name.
  2. Partial Match Domain
    A partial match domain uses the primary keyword in the domain name.
    If we’re building a campaign for “XYZ Electronics,” we might think of buying:
    • xyzelectronicstudents.com (a site about their student program)
    • xyzelectronicshelp.com (a site promoting charity work of the company)
    • xyzelectronicsestaff.com (a site that provides staff information and reviews)

Follow the same ORM plans for individuals. A campaign for “John Rick” might use the domains:
• johnrickscholarship.com (his scholarship site)
• johnrickswords.com (his blog)
• johnrickshobbies.com (a blogging site about his hobbies)

Using partial match domain names are also a better alternative if someone else owns the exact match.

  1. Premium Content
    Original and high-quality content is one dominant strategy to build and retain a winning reputation management services. Premium content covers all feature articles meeting the under mentioned criteria:
    • Content Placement on high domain professional websites such as news publications, like HuffingtonPost and Forbes online sites. We look out for those sites that have a dominant domain presence and authority and are no less than 60, and we aim to go higher.
    • Control — we require the main article to include your keyword in as many on-site optimization options as possible. We need every potential benefit, and add the keywords into the main title, Header 1, and the text on the authority site.
    Premium content won’t come cheap — some article posting can cost more than $5,000– but the best thing about launching the top tier content is that it will rank higher organically without much effort.
    If you get to have a feature article about your business on a site like Denver Post, that is one if the leading online newspaper with a domain authority of 88, you can well imagine how effective the strategy will be to push your business to the top.
    A well-written, optimized article published on a reputable website goes on to rank on page 1 or 2 of Google as such content is an authoritative and robust online contender.
    Depending on your firm’s budget allocation for this purpose, we produce value-driven premium content to be one of the main components of your campaign.
  2. Social Media
    The top ranking social media platforms for 2018 are Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. All of such platforms have the option to allow you to use your business name into the URL and you should capitalize on this feature. The social media provides you with a powerful mean to project your business, and you must be actively pursuing social media options to propel your business.
  3. Scholarship Offers
    We were some the first few who started with the implementations of the scholarship programs. Now, most are doing the same.
    But they still get the best results.
    A scholarship program is suitable for positive public relations campaign and assists in promoting and retaining popular online reputation management!
    The Fundamentals are:
    • You offer a $1,000 scholarship
    • We develop the program either on your current website (website.com/scholarship) or use a standalone site with your keyword (e.g., yourkeywordscholarship.com)
    • We will implement a robust outreach strategy to reach to hundreds of educational institutions, including some of the best colleges, universities, and trade programs and deliver your scholarship options to them and requesting them to link it to their sites.
    There are many advantages, such as:
    • Generation of links from strong .edu domains (usually 50 — 100 inbound links)
    • All of these links help that site or page to go right to page number one of search results
    • Thousands of students will reach out to avail your scholarship
    • Adequate and suitable PR for your business (you can send the story to the area newspapers to get more coverage) which will help in creating more links and maybe the leading story on a premium site
    A scholarship initiative requires several months to complete, and the benefits are long-lasting.
    *An added advantage we often observe is the word “scholarship” will link to your company name or personal name as a reference in Google Autocomplete. The feature is most helpful if you have negative results such as “lawsuit” or “jail” showing in Autocomplete that you don’t want to show up when the customers and business partners search for your offers.
  4. Having a Book On Amazon
    Why choose to have a book on Amazon?
    Amazon is one of the most influential authority sites in the world. It’s a creative and advanced method that we’ve been using for a long time to facilitate our clients. Amazon has a reliable authority that is recognized by the leading search engines like Google, so your Amazon link will put you right at the best ranking for the keywords you want to use.
    Now, you may feel a bit confused and thinking, “Wait, I’ll have to become an author?!”
    Yes, you will be an author. And the catch is that you don’t have to develop the critical skills as we will take care of everything for you to become an author for your business.
    We select the subject that’s relevant to your trade and get it written fast. We create an eye-catching cover to your text and then put it on publishing with a selling offer on Amazon.com.
    We have been using this strategy for several years, and it is so compelling that today every other ORM services are using it now(or hire us to implement the plan for them!)
    Having a book published also gives you an opportunity for syndication to book review site such as reviews on goodreads.com.
  5. Creating Courses On UDEMY
    UDEMY is a powerful platform that allows people to publish and offer training and educational courses. You can sell a class on how to be a better baker, how to understand banking, or you can sell fitness plans.
    However, creating and publishing a proper and professional course requires skills and experience. You cannot go weak with your strategy as the course will represent your standing and authority on UDEMY, that in turn is taken as an indicator of strong reputation by powerful search engines like Google.
  6. Review Sites
    Many independent reviews sites are accessible and such venues are another option to build the reputation of the business. Some review sites have a paid subscription, while others offer these services for free. Depending on the niche you want to promote, the review sites are a valuable tool to build your strong reputation and implement new reputation management strategies. The two main reasons you should pursue the review sites are:
  7. Influential review sites like such as Yelp, Facebook, TrustPilot, and Reach150 rank higher in Google search results.
    2.”Review” or “reviews” is a common prediction element that appears with the Google Autocomplete feature. If you want to capitalize on this feature and want to build your business name in search engine rankings, you will find a good strategy to link your business and the keywords with the review sites. Our services will help you get this means covered and have a dominant presence on the reviews platform.
  8. Business & Trademark and Selected Business Directories
    Building the reputation another critical factor is to make sure that the website and the company appear on the list of the best internet business directories, including some prominent names such as Yelp and Yellowpages.com.
    When you make your listing, you need to fill it correctly including complete details – your listing should include all your essential business information, social media links, and media inclusions such as illustrations and videos. Whatever information you can add to support your business should make it to the listing. The more information you add, the better it will help in building your reputation.
    Selecting the relevant directory is essential. To look for these directories that are most relevant the business can start by using Google to search for the business name and look for the top lists that appear in the result page and use such directories for optimization. If you can add reviews, do so.
    If you make robust lists, there is a high probability that the Google search engine will appreciate the effort and rewards you in ranking higher in search results.
    Use the same strategy for any niche directories, or the trade your represent.
    When you have done your work, and you have a presence on the top directories that is fully optimized, we will assist you to get positive reviews and raving testimonials to build your reputation further.
  9. Use the Google My Business Page Feature

It is surprising, but many businesses are unaware of or have not taken the time to capitalize on the Google My Business Page(GMB) Feature and optimize their GMB page. Whether it is a business having a physical location( Or an SEO business, or reputation management services like me) running from your home office, Google allows you to claim your page, so you can use this powerful feature and add your page to the Google Map directory. There is no cost for using this feature and even if you are running the business form a corporate suite or a big office, like Regis.

There are many benefits of this ownership of claiming your GMB page:
• Excellent presentation — If you Google your Brand name you will find your GMB page right to the side f the search results.
• Reviews — You will gather positive 4 and 5-star ratings on your page that creates an excellent first impression on customers.
• There is a chance that your GMB page lands in the local search engine result pages– thus giving you an opportunity to develop new business leads!

  1. Interviewing Platform
    Many sites on the internet allow you the option to publish your interview regarding your company, or yourself. Not only this is an excellent platform to feature your content you also get the option to add few links to market other digital products that you want to rank higher on Google.
    There is no guarantee that interviews on sites will help you rank better. However, depending on your positioning and the strength of your negative links, this is a good tactic that may lead to getting your interviews to show up on Google page 1 or 2.
    The main working behind interview sites is to give more substance to your subject matter and make your content detailed and new. Under no circumstances copy your earlier interviews or limit your self to few hundred words.
  2. Videos
    Are you aware of how powerful Youtube is? It is the 2nd most influential search engine falling behind only Google, and the Youtube domain authority is a staggering 100!
    Youtube can assist in building your online reputation in two ways:
  3. Acquire your fully-optimized channel URL — following these steps to become eligible for a vanity web address that includes your brand name, and the URL must have full optimization.
  4. Make a video that focuses on your main keyword — your title should contain the keyword, the description is another area where you will add your keywords, same goes for your tags. All these efforts will optimize your main business for search results – and then you can add links to it.
    Vimeo is emerging out t be another strong video sharing candidate, and you can use this medium to optimize your channel and make it all about your keywords.
    In my opinion, it is better to have different videos on Youtube and Vimeo. Also, transcribe your videos and use the text in the description portion of your video.
    If you use these popular video sites and upload proper videos with keyword rich content, you are more likely to see one of your videos to appear on page 1 having your personal or business name in Google. While there are other video sites such as Dailymotion, and others, it is better to focus on the best, rather than waste time and resources on the somewhat weak video platforms. Instead, use your time to build links and publish your video on Youtube and Vimeo.
  5. Press Releases
    I had a big list of free press releases sites some years back
    Sadly, the plan of publishing press releases to free sites do not work anymore.
    Most of my sites got penalties, and I had to rework their ways to recoup the profits they were making on marketing and the traffic it used to generate.
    Now there are many paid press release distribution services that may cost you anywhere from $50-$200, or more depending on your requirements. These press releases will direct your news to hundreds of “new” sites on the internet.

However, this is a second tier plan. Many sites where your releases will land do not rank better, and since your statements are mostly duplicate content appearing on many places, it will not give you any leverage on Google. At best only one version of the story will make it in the top rankings. So you will get some links, but beyond that, you will not have some long term benefits. A better option is to prepare engaging press releases for targeted columnists or appointing a PR service to assist you. Since this is not your domain, we will not spend much on this platform and only use it to the extent that it remains cheap and not take much time.

  1. Optimization of Existing Digital Asset
    Try to use the content that you have a grip on to have a better-optimized version to get ranking in Google, and do away with the unwanted stuff.
    My approach is simple to Google your brand, and note down all websites, and link in the section of the negative links we’re attempting to stifle.
    Do you have authority over any of them? If you have access to the username and the password, follow the suggestions in our Optimizing Content For Online Reputation Management portion to attempt to make them rank better.
  2. Use Your Advantage
    Any trade you’re spending bills with you can leverage for display that can support you with your internet status.
    Here’s an illustration — let’s say you’re about to give money to a regional radio station to advertise your services or merchandises.
    Before you sign the deal, ask and insist on having your profile page on their website. This approach is something you can call an “Advertiser Spotlight.”
    Then letter a great story with a third party bio. It could be details about your company or the reasons why you are using the radio as an advertising medium. You can mention the services you give, the customers you have, and for better impact also include your existing client’s testimonials on your product and services.
    If such an option is not available then visit the station website and check if they endorse testimonials from sponsors and then ask if you can provide a sponsor. This way you might not be able to get a full page, but enough space to get your link on the website. You can use this approach with all the people you have business with – such as your advertising partners, your supplier, or a local church or community service.
    Here’s is an actual service of what I deliver to an SEO client of mine.


If you’re questioning ORM companies, you’ll want to do proper research and find out valuable details such as the methods of link building and content plans the companies will be using. If the company shy away from such questions or try ducking the critical details, I’d tell you to stay away from such services.
If you are working on your reputation management work, do not waste your time going for:

• Article promotion — it’s a thing of the past. Do you ever see anything published on ezinearticles.com in search pages?
• Fake blog comments/forum posts — computer generated spammy links aren’t going to boost your main links. I’ve hired several Fiverr services that give you many links like these, and the issue is that most of them end up on the de-indexed websites (which means they’ll never amount to anything as they are not a count). The ones managed indexing carry no worth with Google. Although they are inexpensive, the results are also cheap. So better to save your time and your $5.
• Content on web 2.0 — Ranking the same wordpress.com blog is a possibility however this trend is also going down. You can check for yourself that how often you see rebelmouse.com or plurk.com when you analyze the search engine results. Google is not impressed by the web 2.0s value, and you will find such options for cheap. However, it is a highly ineffective approach for your longterm ORM promotion.

Optimizing Content For Online Reputation Management

Content optimization is one of the best ways to get your content rank higher with Google.
Google has more than 200 separate ranking criteria that decide on which content will rank on the first page; we follow the basic principles that deliver results.

1 — Using Keyword in SEO title. You can see The SEO title can by wavering your mouse over the tab in your browser — see the model. This method is one of the primaries ways to indicate to a search engine the purpose of your page. Missing a keyword in the SEO title is a big mistake. For example, if the keyword is “XYZ Electronics” your SEO title should start with “XYZ Electronics.”

2 — Using the Keyword in the URL. Wherever feasible, add your keyword in your URL. Whether it’s in your domain title (keyword.com) or a slug (website.com/your-keyword/), getting your keyword into your web address is just another key that gives you a leg up on your opponents and benefits you in ranking the keyword you’re targeting.

3- Keyword Use in Content. There is no one formula to implement the keyword density. All the old strategies are things of the past. What you need is to use your keyword at least one time in your content and one time in the first paragraph. You may use variations of keyword throughout your content but keep it limited, so it does not count as spamming. If your content reads like it has too many keywords, try to remove as many as you can. For quality content even using the keywords two times is enough.

4 — Keyword in the H1 tag. The H1 is another crucial search engine optimization indicator. I prefer to use an exact match or partial match of the keyword when using it with the H1 tag, thus not repeating the same words in the SEO title.
For example, if you’re keyword is XYZ Electronics, and that’s in your SEO title, I might secure the H1 “About XYZ Electronics” or “XYZ Electronics Background” or “XYZ Electronics Holdings.”

5 — Content-length. The more extended content rank better. Check out this analysis by Neil Patel or this study by Backlinko. Both reports point to long-form QUALITY content as being a significant ranking determinant. In brief, go over and ahead in your content improvement (1,000-2,500 words is what we intend for) and you give yourself a high chance to rank higher.

6 — Uniqueness. This one is a given; however, often people use repeated or copied content to reach the ideal content length. Believe me; this approach will not work, as Google algorithm is fast and will push you in the last pages of search engine results. Here’s how Google works:
When you Google anything, Googlebot tries to return the search results that are concerning the search. But it’s not going to respond the same or similar results. That would be poor user experience.
Imagine if you Googled, “How to make money on the Internet” and every search result takes you the repeat information. You may get irritated and move to a new search engine like Bing, and Google most certainly doesn’t want that to happen.

So, if we’re the ones who are working on your content optimization, we will only work with new and unique content for your reputation management campaign.

Link Building Process
The primary off-page strategy that is common for most ORM companies is using the link building feature. There many ways to build the links and I’m not going into those details at the moment. We use the methods that will work, and some of the useful links we will bring to your will come from individual blogs, user networks, blogger outreach marketing, directories, and contextual links from the dominant sites, such as newspaper and HuffingtonPost.

Getting different links from many sites will take time and some investment, but if this strategy is correct, it brings the best out of your efforts to rank higher in search results. This strategy works according to Backlinko’s study of over 1 million in search returns.
As mentioned above, duck poor or spammy links; they plausibly will not work. Of course, you are welcome to attempt.
I will always prefer to invest my time and money to work on content optimization that I have better command and control over.

Getting Started

Efficient online reputation management is a similar matter when you go for the search engine optimization. You can do many tasks yourself, using the suggestions I’ve given here.
If you select us to work for you, we’d be happy to talk with you, clarify your problems, and give you an offer.
Plus, we can begin with the campaigns quickly. We are looking forward to meeting you, discuss your need, and work with you!