October 18, 2018

Questions and Answers about Internet marketing

How to Go about Digital Marketing

Internet marketing has come a long way, and with every new technique, comes a new hurdle for individuals and businesses to get it right. However, it is a continuous learning process and even professionals find it an uphill task to grasp all the techniques to increase traffic to their online stores. Cyber Controller has been in the internet marketing business since 1995, and we make internet marketing easy for you. Here are six questions that we have identified as the most troubling, and our experts have given their professional answers to make internet marketing easier.

Question 1: How Do I Use My Brand to Build More Traffic?

There are several questions that you need to ponder on before you start tracking your brand and how you can leverage on it to build more traffic to your site.

Does My Niche Get Influenced by Brands?

Some industries are more brand oriented than others. For example, the consumer electronics market is driven by brands awareness while for commodity food products, brands are hardly a factor. Depending on your niche, it is best to do research and see if brand recognition is a determining factor for the success of your business.

Have You Branded Your Business?

Suppose you are in the car dealership business, you are already using the manufacturer’s brand to your advantage. However, you might still want to track the awareness of your dealership business. Same goes for franchises, such as McDonald’s. In such a case, brand tracking will not make much sense.

With that said, some cases fall in the middle, and this can be confusing for the entrepreneurs in those sectors. Case in point, real estate brokers, they work under real estate agencies, but the broker’s brand awareness is the main contributor to the success of their business for getting listings and closing deals.

In spite of this, new business does not have a brand to track or measure. After launching your business, choose a proper name for your brand, and your products or services have started gaining recognition, you might want to track what your target audience thinks of your brand. With that said, here is an ideal game plan to leverage when looking for more traffic

– Decide the appropriate time to start tracking; preferably after you gain sales growth

– If you are an established company, decide whether brand tracking is worth your while

– Choose the proper geographical reach of your market, for online businesses, national or international brand tracking is best

– Learn how to define your brand and ways of building it in a way that it will click with your target audience

Cyber Controller can help you set up a robust game plan that will help you leverage on getting traffic through brand tracking. Contact us today, for expert advice and services.

Question 2: Who Is Your Ideal Online Audience and Where Do They Spend Their Time Online?

Businesses since time immemorial have relied on market research to determine where they ought to spend their advertising. This cost thousands of dollars that most enterprises do not have the funds. However, social media can help you get a better understanding of your ideal online audience, as well as know how they spend their time online.

With the evolution of the internet and more so social media, research organizations have set up systems in place to help them understand consumer behavior on social media. To understand your consumers’ behavior and where they spend time online, here are actionable tips to give you a better understanding.

Modern internet users spend between 16% and 25% of their online time on social networks. This means that you should include social media engagement as part of your online marketing strategy.

Create Engaging Content

Engage your consumers with interactive content that lead to conversations that move them down the sales funnel. Both your friends and your employees can help you in engaging consumers on social media. You need to create a content creation and publishing schedule. Preferably, for social media, short daily posts will prompt your audience to engage with you more often. You can post longer posts in your weekly and monthly newsletter publications.

Leverage on Facebook

Facebook commands one of the largest following of all social media networks, and studies show that is where most people spend most of their time. While Google tops Facebook in unique monthly visits, Facebook leads in conversion. However, Twitter and LinkedIn have also gained more users, and you ought to focus on the said platforms to engage the consumers. Content on these social media pages needs to be short but full of value.

Video Content

Content in text form is marginally being overlooked in favor of video content. You need to a professional to produce edutainment videos to keep your consumers engaged. YouTube is the leading video content sharing site and you can share links to your content on the social media platforms where your audience spends most of their time.

Mobile Friendly Sites and Content

Mobile has replaced computers as the preferred internet access point, and it is imperative that you must make your site mobile friendly. Content should be easy to consume and respond to particular via mobile devices. Mobile content should be published on a daily basis, with CTAs that will push your audience to take action with your brand.

If you are having a hard time understanding your online consumers, contact us today, and we will help you know how to target your online audience, and how to leverage on content creation and the best time to publish it for increased brand interaction.

Question 3: What KPIs Are Most Important to Your Internet Business?

KPI is an abbreviation of key performance indicators, and you need to understand those that crucial for scaling up your online business. Here are a few tips to help you identify them.

Establish Objectives and Goals

Before you select your KPI, you need to establish the goals and objectives that will work best for your website. KPIs are not necessarily geared towards moving more products or uptake of services, but the sole purpose of increasing brand recognition and engagement could lead to increased conversions and sales. However, each online store needs to establish their unique goals and objectives.

Establish Critical Success Factors from The Goals and Objectives

CSFs are the key activities that you need to focus on to gain online success. Proper CSFs include the measurable activities to be undertaken in a predetermined timeline. They form the basis for your KPIs and can be deduced from the goals and objectives you have of your business.

Generate KPIs From Your CSFs

Your CSFs will help you identify the necessary metrics to consider when investigating your KPIs, but not all metrics will show you how your online business is performing. Content creation should be part of the critical success factors to include.

Identify and Compile Measures

Measures are the raw numbers that you need to analyze and see how they affect your brand. You can find them in web analytics, call center reports, corporate databases, among other data sources. Examples of measures and metrics include page views, visitors, daily support calls to the call center, et al.

Calculate Metrics from Measures

Metrics are expressed in rates, averages, ratios, or percentages and are calculated from the measures described above. In order to get the proper metrics, your measures must have a timeline, and the resulting parameters must show how the site is performing to make it in the final list of KPIs.

Contact us today, and we will help you define the KPIs that show the actual site performance, and how to leverage them to scale your online business.

Question 4: What to Include in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

A content marketing strategy outlines the core consumer and business needs as well as a detailed plan of how you will leverage content to address needs. Each content marketing strategy needs to be unique to your business and niche. Here are five points to consider

Build A Case for Growing Your Content Marketing

Unless your business is a one-person show, you will need to build a strong business case for using content marketing. You should incorporate the risks involved and what the result will be for using content marketing.

Content Marketing Business Plan

This plan includes the goals and objectives you wish to achieve from content marketing. The plan should also outline how your business model will conform to your content program, the foreseen obstacles as well as opportunities in the process of enacting your content marketing strategy.

Content Maps and Audience Personality

In this section, describe your ideal target audience, their needs, and the best content engagement platform to use. You need a content map to help move the audience down the sales funnel. Content maps also guide how content is made available to the consumers with the aim of helping them achieve their goals using your products or services.

Tell the Story of Your Brand

Stories are the best ways of converting browsers into buyers. This part needs that you break down the content marketing regarding the messages and ideas you want to communicate. Outline how your content will differ from your competitors and how the business landscape will evolve after you publish your content. You will hire freelance content creators to help you tell your brand’s story.

Where and When to Publish Your Content

Knowing the behaviors of your ideal online consumer will show you which channels to publish your content. More so, you will know the best time to release it. For this tip to work, define the criteria, the objectives, and processes, and show how you will tie them together to ensure maximum conversion with content you have generated.

Contact us for help with generating your content creation and marketing strategy. Since there is no one size fits all, we will work with you through the process for maximum conversions.

Question 5: How Do You Use Google Plus for Business?

Most webmasters are not leveraging on the power of Google Plus, and they are missing out on one of the best brand engagement platforms out there. Google Plus can give a tremendous impact on search traffic volume and SEO .

You can manage your Google Plus Pages using Google My Business , which is a platform that simplifies the process of finding and connecting with your business. By leveraging on features such as Google Maps, Google Plus, and Search, you will improve your local search ranking on search engine results pages leave alone Google.

If you do not have a Google Plus account, we can help you open one and get Google My Business to work for you. Contact us right away and improve your local search results.

Question 6: What Internet Marketing Resources Do I Need?

The modern consumer is versatile, and you need a variety of resources to ensure that you reach out to them in a timely fashion. There is an ever-increasing amount of online marketing resources, and while most people opt to learn a little bit of everything, it pays to know what will work for you and what will not.

The best place to start is striving to create SEO friendly content and how to leverage pay-per-click for more traffic. There is also no resource that you can leverage to get the information you need fast. There are various resources some free, and some that you have to pay for, but you must invest time to understand how they best fit with your brand.

Choose the Right Keywords For SEO

SEO is one of the easiest resources you can use to get traffic to your site. However, it requires that you get the right combination of short tail and long tail keywords. With that said, keyword research can be a complicated affair, and even professional digital marketers struggle with it. Keywords come in handy when creating content, and the more quality keywords you use, the more traffic you will get. Google Analytics and Backlinko can help you identify the keywords that best fit into your business niche.

Link Building

The quality and number of your links can single-handedly spell success or doom of your online presence. It is a complicated matter, and most digital marketers have a hard time building quality links to their content pages. Be wary of black hat link building which can hurt your SEO efforts, and with time, you can learn SEO and backlink building using free online tutorials. You can leverage on inbound links between the pages on your site.

Ranking Factors

Other than that, you need to keep yourself updated on ranking factors. Google is the biggest search engine regarding traffic have a set of 200 algorithms that affect how results are displayed and ranked on their results pages. It is not possible to understand, leave alone implement them all at once, but gradual implementation will see you rise above the competition.

Contact us today for insight on the best digital marketing resources you need to integrate into your strategy. Some are free while others require that you buy them.


Internet marketing success is hinged on the quality of your online prescience. There is much to consider to get ahead, and you need to make calculated moves to avoid increasing your overhead costs with minimal gains. Content creation is one of the ways that you can use to increase brand awareness and traffic to your store.

Cyber Controller can help you at every step of the way including creating brand awareness, brand tracking, content marketing strategies, best tools and resources to use for online marketing and so much more. Contact us today for professional digital marketing services.

Questions and Answers about Internet marketing
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Cyber Controller has been in the internet marketing business since 1995, and we make internet marketing easy for you. Here are six questions that we have identified as the most troubling, and our experts have given their professional answers to make internet marketing easier.