December 5, 2014

Services: Company online presence analysis and audit

Implementing analytic set-ups for your website and business is a very successful digital strategy we offer our clients.

Complete Company Online Analysis

Knowing where your company stands and what has been done thus far is a great place to start with our services. We will not know how to move forward if we don’t understand the past. Our complete company online analysis and audit will include any information from your website(s) including web, email, and social media campaigns and the research entailed. We will determine where you currently stand as compared to your competition before moving forward.

Our auditing process will identify any potential problems or obstacles your site or company may be facing and we’ll repair and resolve any troubled areas to increase the effects of a digital marketing plan and process. Our analysis will provide a comprehensive site design which will be presented to you as one option. We will back up all of our strategies and plans with examples of work we’ve done of a similar nature, noting the increased success. We want to support you and your business by helping you to achieve all of your goals and then some. Knowing what we’re working with and a general game plan will define further goals and is the backbone of effective marketing campaigns.

We work with each client directly and personally, making sure everyone involved is aware of the starting point and objectives for this online activity we are seeking to create an increase. We have employed experts in this field who have used various industry tested and proven techniques, methods, ideas, and resources to ensure an accurate analysis and audit process. One the audit and analysis is performed, we submit a comprehensive report to you, clearly informing you of the steps that should follow to meet the end goal: Success!

Company Online Performance Strategy

Company Online

We will not hide anything in our analysis and audit. Hiding information or stretching the prove ends up being more work for us, and it’s unfair to you. Knowing what’s working and not working is a great start to improving your performance strategy.

Projects optimizing behavior

Using enterprise technology we are capable of customizing every job for maximum effectiveness to meet the needs of any client and we plan projects accordingly. We try to optimize the entire process from start to finish.

Besides analytics at the start of the projects, we’re able to perform real-time analytics, in-page analytics, market analysis, content, competitor, and customer auditing, creating personas, and influencer analysis for your understand and to help us do our jobs. With this ongoing knowledge and types of analysis, we can develop the strategy that is going to send you to the stop! Some other features of our analytics strategies include custom filters, event tracking, automated tasks, funnel visualization, visitor flow, reverse goal paths, assisted conversions, and more. Everything we do is to get you from point A to point B.