Shanda Dawber Long Review

I run my husband’s plumbing business out of my home and for many years I have tried to get our plumbing business found on Google and I never could get any results. I had hired many marketing companies and figured the higher the cost the better the company and found that to be a joke. I have spent money and on all kinds of special offers and programs. Back in 2006 I talked with Cyber Controller and the way the sales guy talked to me was not like a sales pitch, it was like a person just teaching me what was needed to get good results. I liked the way Cyber Controller was up front told me that ranking can take time and told me how I can track the results and see my business moving towards the 1st page. It’s been 7 years of awesome service and each time I talk with Cyber Controller it is a crazy educational experience. Great company – great services – We use the latest technology to drive in business whenever we want. Cyber Controller does more than get you top listings in the search engines!!! If you want results call Dean over at Cyber Controller. You the man Dean!!! Shanda D.