Your Digital Marketing Team must be this skilled or you don’t stand a chance in Voice SEO

As we round up the year 2018, there is the pressing need to advance in your business and grow. And that is the kind of growth that reflects in numbers.

Many companies have already begun (if they’re not already finished with it) strategizing for a successful 2019 business year. What strategies are you taking?

Do you feel you did not make any serious growth in your business or career this year? There are many things you can do today to tailor your tomorrow into something you can be proud of. And if your business concern has to do with growth in your digital marketing efforts, you are in the right place.

If you have been following our blog for the past few weeks, you know that we kept drumming about voice SEO by 2020 and how absolutely important it is for you to position your business to succeed before then. That is one major way you can position your business for success in 2019. Read how…

Voice SEO: How to rank position zero

How do you make your business numbers look better? How do you add more zeroes to your profit margin? This is growth we are talking about; tangible growth that is evidence of astronomical business growth. How do you get that?

In this time and age, it is very possible for your digital marketing team to be more than 90% responsible for such kind of business growth.

Business Growth
Excellent Digital marketing can be responsible for more than 90% of your business growth

If this is something you definitely want in 2019, ignoring voice SEO will be detrimental to your efforts. You will see your business take 3 steps forward, only to be taken 2 steps backward. You will make progress, but not as good as you have the potential to.

If you don’t have your voice SEO sorted out by 2019, you. do. not. stand. a. chance.

It’s undeniable. You won’t find anyone who doesn’t mince words like cybercontroller. So take our word for it.

We have talked about how to rank high in voice SEO by 2020 with the right talent on the job. Today, we are going to talk more about the skills that talent needs to have to rank you at position zero.

Voice SEO Report Position ZERO: Skills your internet marketing team must have or you do not have a chance. Here’s why…

Website design

Website design is possibly the foundation of SEO in the first place. There is a way your website needs to be structured for search engine crawlers to find it intelligible enough to index. If you get this first bit wrong, you will struggle for the rest of the life of the website. You need to get your website design right. If you don’t have the right talent on your team for this, you can outsource this to industry professionals like cybercontroller.

Search engine optimation (SEO)

Search engine optimization is very important. And that’s old news in the digital marketing sphere by the way. Most people visit your site through search engine sites like Google. You need someone who understands SEO (and voice SEO because some of the searches are done via voice input). Effective SEO and Voice SEO will ensure your site consistently ranks tops in search results.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

This is the part of digital marketing that uses the paid ads services of a search engine to drive more traffic to your website. As much as anything else in marketing, it demands a little bit of skill from those using it. It requires your digital marketing personnel to constantly test, tweak, monitor and learn from the process. If you don’t have the right talent for it, cybercontroller can handle this for you, as well as SEO.


A little bit of programming knowledge and skill will come in handy one of the days you are executing your internet marketing plan. Find someone with some programming knowledge.