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Cyber Controller’s Strategy

Each businesses presence online success comes down to what Google see's. So let's control it with great Internet marketing.

Local Maps Marketing

We provide the latest marketing technology on the Internet so your business is found locally in your area.

SMS Text Marketing

SMS Marketing Service is the most powerful test marketing tool that gets butts in the seats or more business service calls.

Your Online Brand

We have to push all the positive experiences from your customers to the Internet and need to make sure Google indexes it.

Responsive Web Site Design

Mobile devices count for about 80% of online use. Let's get optimized and control what you want your customers to see.

Business Identity Protection

We help you understand how to protect your business Identity before it is to late or before you have to take legal actions.

Internet Services We Offer To Grow Your Business

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This Article Is Required Knowledge For Today’s Social Media Marketing Novices

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TIP! Generate new additions to your blog frequently and regularly. Adding the new content on a regular schedule will allow your readers to know when to check back. The guidelines and norms when it comes to social media are constantly evolving, but you can focus on having high-quality media that will bring in lots of

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Strategies For Success In Your Next Internet Promotion Campaign

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The article is designed to help you begin utilizing the Internet to market your business. Use the advice to begin taking advantage of your online business strategy. You may be a successful internet marketing when you give up. Make sure that you have everything ready when you are trying to sell your products or services.

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Social Media Marketing: A Short Guide To Success

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TIP! Ensure you maintain a current blog that is full of relevant information. Blogs are a great place to post information on promotions or sales. Many people make use social media sites every day.They may have multiple accounts to share information with content and share content. This information can spread around very quickly and it

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Top Notch Mobile Marketing Tips To Increase Your Business

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TIP! Work for your target market. You need to know their desires and targets in order to market them correctly. Mobile marketing is a very trendy and acceptable way to mass market your products or services. Read the information below to see how to use mobile marketing to your advantage. TIP! Cater to tech-savvy consumers

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Suggestions On Becoming An Effective Internet Marketer

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It is not a well known fact that you have to work very hard in Internet promotion is tough work. It is also known that Affiliate marketing must be effective for your business to be profitable. There is certainly no point in working hard incorrectly. The tips below will get you going in the right

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Keep These Tips In Mind When Creating Your SEO Plan

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TIP! Instead of writing in AP style, use SEO style to improve search engine optimization. SEO style means you should try to repeat certain keywords as much as you can without breaking the flow in the article. Search engine optimization is important for a business to be successful. To stay in the competition, you must

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What Our Clients Say About Our Internet Marketing Services

Hi Dean! Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say thanks for the awesome work on the website! Someone called us today and raved about how well our website was designed. Jeff & I really appreciate the hardwork that you put into it! :) Thanks again! Shannon

Awesome work on the website

( Cotuit Massachusetts )

Very positive right off the bat. We are very excited! Barbara


( Scottsdale, Arizona )

They are specialists with local Internet marketing. Got our Google Local place in page one of Google Maps. Thank you very much. That alone brings us 20% more customers. Jerry


( San Diego, California )

Worth every dollar! We have seen more results from their internet marketing efforts than from all other forms of advertising combined. George


( Los Angeles, California )

As always a wonderful job! We feel very happy with where we stand in search engines now. Steve


( Philadelphia, Pennsylvania )

“I selled more with Social Media” Fred S. This review is for: Cyber Controller I knew nothing about marketing with Social Media until I met Cyber Controller ( with their tailored solutions for small businesses. Since teaming up with him, my sales have soared and I’m getting more sales because of Social Media. Any business that’s not using Social Media is literally leave money on the table. I’m thankful for Cyber Controller and the wonderful job they are doing for me!

Fred S

( New York City, NY )

Definitely a great place for all your internet marketing needs. We have always had nothing but the best results with We would like to thank them for helping us with our business time and again. Bridgit


( Los Angeles, California )

We were looking around for a reliable internet marketing company and we noticed that had the best reviews in the area. On the strength of that we decided to give the ma try and we have not looked back since. They have provided fantastic results and impeccable customer service. Highly recommended. Herb


( San Antonio, Texas ) has the best technologies, the best results and the best prices! What more can one ask for? FIVE STARS***** Tom


( San Antonio, Texas )

I would recommend to everyone looking for a good advertising and marketing company that is capable of the best modern techniques. They work hard and deliver even more than promised. Two thumbs up from me! Peter


( New York City, NY )

Miriam Fantastic advertising agency! They worked very hard and with creativity to make a fantastic social media marketing campaign for us. We are very happy and excited. Thanks again. Miriam


( San Jose, California )

Helped us a lot with online advertising. Fast and professional delivery. Torsten


( Chicago, Illinois )

Lisa Thank you for being there for us with your ideas and advice. Much appreciated. Lisa


( Dallas, Texas )

Greatest internet marketing service ever. They helped get my business found local.. Showed me what my real targeted audience is, I am so happy with the consulting and with how Cyber Controller explains in detail what they are doing. Thanks. Nila ?


( San Antonio, Texas )

Some of the most talented people I have ever hired. A pleasure to get to know them. Patrick


( Santa Monica, California )

Cost effective solution that is producing results through Cyber Controller's services, I am able to quickly and affordably implement geographically targeted internet marketing campaigns. To replicate these services internally would require me to dedicate a portion of my staff to get up to speed, implement and monitor a program and then stay current with rapidly changing rules. Cyber Controller has provided a cost effective solution that is producing results! Video Testimonial Mr. Tate Thank you, professional work for my internet marketing campaigns. Watch My Video Testimonial Click Here I have to say with out the help of Cyber Controller handling my social media marketing... I don't know where I would be before I was referred to your team I could not get any new visitors to my website. Just days after putting Cyber Controller in charge I started to see new traffic and joins plus lots of followers. Now I am getting over 500 new visitors a day. Thank you Cyber Controller. Keep up the great work !

Brian Gentry

( Chicago, Illinois )

Cyber Controller's performance has far exceeded our expectations... I selected Cyber Controller as our Internet marketing partner because of their understanding of what it takes to rank well on the internet. We design and build some of the world's highest tech solutions for the container shipping industry and I felt it was important to present a professional looking website and be listed at the top of the search engines when potential customers search using keywords important to my business. Cyber Controller's performance has far exceeded our expectations!

Calvin Lang

( Los Angeles, California )

They did a very good job on our Internet marketing campaign. Will hire them again when they complete our next site. Karthik


( )

I am very pleased to have Cyber Controller on board as my Internet marketing partner From day one, Cyber Controller treated us like we were their best customer. What differentiated Cyber Controller from their competition was their expertise in knowing what would work for our business. Because of the impact that their efforts have had on our bottom line, traffic to our website has doubled. This, combined with our new website, have resulted in a 15% per month increase in business. That is the best proof possible that working with Cyber Controller has positively impacted our bottom line.

Dustin Sherman

( )

We are very pleased with Cyber Controller's performance! Cyber Controller has helped me develop and implement an extremely effective Internet marketing program that covers all the bases from the generation and conversion of qualified traffic, to the analysis of web site data. Their comprehensive approach insures we get the most out of our advertising budget. Cyber Controller's web analytic capability has really helped us get our arms around the quantity and quality of our web site traffic. Before Cyber Controller joined our marketing team, we found it difficult to fully grasp the value of our web site. Now, not only can I validate the effectiveness of Internet marketing programs, but we are making informed decisions about how to best grow our business through Internet marketing. Like most companies, Internet marketing has become the newest and most rewarding portion of our total marketing program. We are very pleased with Cyber Controller's performance!

Guy Logan

( Seneca, NY )

Quality Excellent Thank you dean for showing what today's website should look like and how it should display for today's customers. If you are Searching for a website that is adaptable with today's technology than listen to what Cyber Controller is talking about. We love the way our website is displayed on cell phones. O and yes use Cyber Controller local internet marketing, Their advertising is the BEST! Johnson

Ben Johnson

( San Diego, California )

We recently had some major issues not appearing on google and unsuccessfully creating a listing but Dean really helped us out and got us back up. We are getting more business now thanks to Cyber Controller! I would definitely recommend them to anyone serious about their business

Daniel Booth Anytime Locksmith

( Tucson, Arizona )

    Quality Excellent We only wanted to support our local companies in our State and after 10 years of just bad marketing company after BAD marketing we decided to contact Cyber Controller who is out of State and we are so glad we did. We are definitely happy that we stepped out of the box to get real results. Thanks Charlotte

Charlotte Bronte

( Houston Texas )

I like that they offer very specialized services. In this we know we are dealing with true experts. Gloria


( Tempe, Arizona )

A great Phoenix company! Top notch in every respect. Great results that speak for themselves. In our experience one of the premier local companies. Mimi


( Phoenix, Arizona )

Thank you dean for showing me what today's website should look like and display for today's customers. It makes since to have one adaptable site with today's technology. I love the way you designed our website and the way it display's on any devise. Thank you for all your marketing and getting our site up to speed. Thx WK

Warren Kirklen

( Concord, Arizona )

Greatest internet marketing service ever. They helped get my business found local.. Showed me what my real targeted audience is, I am so happy with the consulting and with how Cyber Controller explains in detail what they are doing. Thanks.


( Denver Colorado )

The real power is picking the right marketing company. I had almost given up hope on my business idea working and then I talked to Dean at Cyber Controller and with what I heard them saying to me I felt I had to try my luck one more time. I had a real good feeling about those two guys and dam I am glad I made the small investment. Cyber Controller did more for me in 2 months then the previous 3 so called SEO Company’s did combined in 13 months. The price is more than fair I might add. Marc & Dean thx for being there and saving my small business.

Devin “The Windgo”

( Phoenix, Arizona )

SO much bs with the other seo companies. The 1st time Dean and I talked he did not say what the other where saying. So I spent loads of cash trying to get my sites found so I could expand my business into the nearby city. 15 months later I got lucky when I was cleaning out my inbox. I saw the emails from Cyber Controller. I open up the 1st one and right then I remember the words Dean Spoke. I clicked on his link and gave him a call. It was weird that he seem to remember me, and after I gave him just one of my url’s I could tell he remembered. He was very nice and he asked so how’s your marketing going. I lied at 1st a little to just see how he would reply. I was really at my wits end and figured the Internet net was just not going to work. So it was music to my ears to hear Dean ask question about the other 3 sites and how they were doing. I mean so much time passed and this guy seems to remember a lot about my sites. So I had to tell him the truth about what I had been going on and that I really did not know what to do. What was so amazing was how he started to tell me a few things about how some things had changed and how I just need to do a few things here and ad this and fix that. Then he said hold on a second, about 10 seconds of silence then he said to me “you never protected your brand I see” At that point I remember him telling me about how to buy the other urls of my company name. But that was not all… he then told me that a .net domain was out ranking me under my own company name. He then said “You should fix that!” Right then I said Stop and ask how much for him to take over as my marketing guy? He price was less and his knowledge is 100% more than the other 2 company’s combined. So I write this for the simple reason to 1st tell Dean and Cyber Controller THANK YOU for all you do. The 2nd thing I hope anyone reading this can learn from my huge mistake of buying in to the hype and the seo companies that say they can get you ranking in a super fast time frame. I have learned that if they are saying that then they really do not know what they are doing. Dean never would play that game with me and even told me that no one can guarantee top listing. Now after just 2 months of Dean’s Company working on my sites I see ranking under the right keywords and I am starting to see my websites ranking move up and doing a little business. So the internet can work for my business! Thx again JB

JB Stocker

( NY, NY )

Quality Excellent If you are looking for company to help with your online marketing I highly recommend contacting Dean Schlenker at Cyber Controller. With their expertise, our volume of calls increased drastically. TY, James Carry

James Carry

( L.A. California )

Quality Excellent Dean Speaks about how to make sure to get your customers to write reviews online about your business and told me after each job to ask for the review. Dean never let up on me and now my drives and I are starting to get them. It seems to help my business even more. Trust in what Dean at Cyber Controller Say's… His internet marketing skill is the best I have come across. He seems to really care about my success. The Cyber Controller Team has just taken my inbound service calls to 3 new levels, I am not playing with the big boy's… I am a boy now!!! and Dean is getting ready to do even more. WOW You have earned my review and my respect. Thank you Dean. Sincerely, Moni Chery

Moni Cheryl

( Chandler, Arizona )

I was so frustrated with not appearing on Google and not getting results after using a few other Internet marketing companies. We were just not being found and not getting any calls. One day I needed my hot water heater replaced (so glad that happened) and found a plumber on Google. When he came out to my house he asked me how I found him I said Google. He just smiled at me and I had to ask him what? That got us talking about Dean's company Cyber Controller and what he has done for his business. So I had to ask for Dean's number… I spoke with Dean that same day, hired him that same day. You most likely will to when you hear all the knowledge pouring out of him. After about 50 days I called Dean and told Dean how nice it was to see my company coming up on the first page! and yeah I was getting calls and the call volume keeps growing! The marketing price is fair… Keep up the Great work Cyber Controller! Anyone reading this you should give Dean at Cyber Controller a call and talk to him. I am so glad I did! Sincerely, Patti

Patti Pace

( Orlando, Florida )

Ive known cyber controller going on 13 years and they are number one at there business they have gotten us the results year after year and they are always on top of the changes in the industry. If your looking for internet marketing i highly recommend you to talk to Dean at Cyber Controller.

Michael Sellers

( North Platte New England )

Great marketing and website design services with great prices. We found Cyber Controller via a referral and now we let them do all the webmaster stuff. We are so happy with all the work Cyber Controller has been doing over the years we wanted to give a shout out to tell the internet world how much we love it! Cyber Controller keep it going. Forrest.

Forrest Young

( Anaheim, California )

Cyber Controller Has been helping us get found by local customers and has helped us get control of all of our online marketing. The website help and marketing insight is just great!

Arnulfo Grijalva

( Carlsbad California )

I was about to just give up on using the internet to advertise and thank the lord that my bug guy told me about Dean At Cyber Controller. Mr. Schlenker was so insightful and just let me know that the internet is the only places to be. Dean told me in words I could understand how his service worked. I now have had 9 great months of service, my website looks great! I get calls and I sale more business than ever before. Each month just gets better and better, just like Dean said. Thank you for all your help. Angeli

Angeli Moles

( Mesa, Glendale, Phoenix Arizona )

With the limited shoe string advertising budget we took a chance with one of the services offered. My partner wasn't on board with this type of marketing and I had some doubts to. After 3 month of no calls I called and pulled the plug on the marketing service. We got no calls and the cost for this service was not worth it. Dean did tell me that he did not believe we gave him a fair shot and just need a little more time to see some results. I declined to continue service. Dean was professional about it and wished my partner Jim and I all the best and said if we ever need anything to feel free to give him a call. I have to say we where heartbroken and just not happy. BUT, that changed 4 days later we got a call for new service. I asked, how did you find us? The gentleman answered Google. WOW the first Call from the internet! That one call got us about half of our investment back that we spent with Cyber Controller. Over the next 3 days we got a total of 7 more service calls. That yielded 2 more deals from the internet. Now our investment has pretty much paid off. I made my partner call Cyber Controller to get the marketing service back. So now going on one year and we still get calls for service from the internet. We are so grateful to have Cyber Controller running our internet website I had to post this story of our success. If you're like we were and just not sure what to do when it comes to your company and the internet call and ask to speak with Dean at Cyber Controller he'll get you what you want. Thank you sooo much Dean. Breann

Breann Williams

( Phoenix, Arizona )

Our small moving company is slowly but surely bringing in new business each month. We know now that Google can work and can bring calls each day. The service we are getting now since using CyberController is what we should have got years ago. CyberController offers is a stand up service and they handle all the marketing we do now. They even showed us how to get repeat business via referrals. They also helped us with the website by changing the design to work better for the surfer. If this service keeps going the way it is we'll be getting a 3rd truck by the end of the year. We wanted to post our feelings about this great company so the whole world knows. Thx big time CC truly Rosamari

Rosamari Tate

( San Diego, California )

I run my husband's plumbing business out of my home and for many years I have tried to get our plumbing business found on Google and I never could get any results. I had hired many marketing companies and figured the higher the cost the better the company and found that to be a joke. I have spent money and on all kinds of special offers and programs. Back in 2006 I talked with Cyber Controller and the way the sales guy talked to me was not like a sales pitch, it was like a person just teaching me what was needed to get good results. I liked the way Cyber Controller was up front told me that ranking can take time and told me how I can track the results and see my business moving towards the 1st page. It's been 7 years of awesome service and each time I talk with Cyber Controller it is a crazy educational experience. Great company - great services - We use the latest technology to drive in business whenever we want. Cyber Controller does more than get you top listings in the search engines!!! If you want results call Dean over at Cyber Controller. You the man Dean!!! Shanda D.

Shanda Dawber

( Scottsdale, Arizona )

Dean at Cyber Controller is great at what he does re: website creation and maintenance /seo. He has advance my website in google search and maps from pg 4 to page 1. He has increased my Mariachi group business at least x 3. Definitely worth the time and money to allow dean to work for you. Excellent!!!

George Bejarano

( Tucson, Arizona )

Wow, Just took 3 days for Cyber Controller to get us on the first page of Google! WOW!!! That same day we got 3 sales, and a total of 9 over 4 days. So I am reviewing them now before I forget or get to busy to do it later. No one else could do this and Cyber Controller did super fast. These are small priced product sure but we made just over $100 dollars in the first 7 days. Cyber Controller has great prices and they are very nice to speak with.

Elizalde Salvatierra

( Phoenix, Arizona )

Quality Excellent We were frustrated with not appearing on Google. We were not being found and not getting any calls. I needed my hot water heater replaced and found a company on Google and he asked me how I found him and I told him Google. That got us talking a little more and he told me about This guy named Dean and what he has been doing for his company. So I had to ask for Dean's number…We spoke with Dean and we to are listed on the first page. The price was right… Great work Cyber Controller! Thank, Dolores Pate

Dolores Pate

( Phoenix, Arizona )

When You Want Results You Can See & Just Want The Phone To Ring With New Business Inquiries Give Cyber Controller A Call