6 Vital Reasons why you must know about the Local Business Search Revolution

It could be very difficult to keep up with the ever-changing trends of Search Engine Optimization. Many professional digital marketers can attest to this fact. One day you learn about a new SEO practice, the next day you get a hang of it and soon after Google trashes it and introduces another. It could be annoying sometimes, that is why it is absolutely imperative for you to stay ahead of the trend, as opposed to catching up.

In the light of that, you want to look into Voice SEO trends and how it is revolutionalizing the Local Business Search aspect of digital marketing before it becomes another internet marketing strategy you have to struggle to catch up on.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, announced during his Google I/O keynote that 20 percent of queries on its mobile app and on Android devices are voice searches (Search Engine Land). More statistics about this and demographics are shown here (Source: Neilpatel.com).

Why your Internet Marketing Company must tell you about the Local Business Search Revolution (Voice SEO)

Some businesses have their own in-house internet marketing team. Or maybe not in-house, but they have their internet marketing team consisting of freelancers working in remote locations. Many of them even make it easier of themselves to hire internet/digital marketing agencies and companies to handle their digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

If you are any of the above, this is for you: Your internet marketing team, agency or company needs to tell you about this. If you are serious about grabbing the top spot in this Local Business Search Revolution, your team must tell you about it.

And not only that, they must be equipped and skilled to help you achieve the marketing goals you desire for business.

Here is why:

1. Your relevance in your industry depends on it

Imagine a situation where about 50% of the searches done on the keywords pertaining to your industry in your local area brings up results that have nothing to do with you. Imagine that half of the time, you get left out when your competitors are ranking high in search results. That’s an absolute digital marketing nightmare, don’t get caught in it.

2. Future profit margins will depend on this

If you are very active with your internet marketing efforts today, you can give an estimate of how much it has added to your profit margin. Well, double that and see what voice SEO can add to it if you take advantage of it before 2020.

3. This could be the difference between keeping your doors open and shutting down

If your competition drowns you out of relevance in your local business area, we all know what means. You could be shutting your business doors for good. To avoid this, you have to stay abreast of the changes in the industry and adapt to always keep your business in the best position to succeed. It’s survival of the fittest in capitalism.

4. Internet marketing in 2020 would be useless without Voice SEO

Internet marketing has been evolving since the onset of this aspect of marketing as a major aspect of marketing. It is kind of hard to pinpoint when exactly that happened, but we can tell you that the industry has been taking various leaps to achieve top-notch efficiency. This is a trend that will continue as long as people use the internet. So 2020 won’t be any different. Smartphone use will be up to 2.5 billion by then.

5. You will save money if you tap into the Local Business Search Revolution

Google Search Result

Google Search Result

Efficient use of Voice SEO is going to save you a ton of money in the long-run when you don’t have to spend on organic means of bringing your business to the attention of prospective customers and clients.

6. This is the next level of Search Engine Optimization

More and more people are using the voice search option and inbuilt AI assistant on their smartphone devices to solve problems every day. Make your business one of those solutions by getting on the know with the AI assistant via Voice SEO. Talk to a professional internet marketer today.




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