Cyber Controller Is Based In Phoenix Arizona & Has Helped Businesses of All Sizes Across the World Succeed Since 1995!
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ONline Marketing Service With Results

Free Local and Organic Traffic

Cyber Controller’s marketing webmaster strategy obtains the results your business is looking for. Whatever your needs may be, we work hand-in-hand with you. The Exposure that Cyber Controller offers is going to prove to be a true return on your advertising investment.

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Google Maps Marketing

Google My Business is only one side of a unique marketing strategy when you want to get tons of free traffic from a Google search result. Yes, you can setup a Google My Business listing yourself and start creating a buzz around your products, but you still have to do marketing to that listing to bring it to the top of your local Google search. We highly suggest using an expert to control your local maps listing to ensure #1 ranking in your local Google maps listings. Local Map Marketing on your Google maps listing is not the same as trying to get #1 ranking on a Google organic search result and if you do not know what you are doing you can easy mess up your local maps marketing results when you do not understand what Google needs to see! Reach out to us the Marketing Maps Experts when you want to reach the top listing in your local Google maps.

Local Marketing Essential Foundation Package

The Local Essential marketing package is designed to give your business a boost with both online and offline SEO. This will give you the traction you need to increase your online presence and attract more qualified clients. It is the marketing foundation that addresses the most critical elements of a successful online marketing plan, and applies them in a proven, systematic method. The Local Foundation Package is what you need to get started if you have a limited budget until you’re ready to take on more advanced marketing strategies and tactics that will drive more leads.

Local Marketing Package: Guaranteed Improvement Organic SEO & Local Map Optimization

To succeed, every local business needs a strong digital presence. We create robust business listings for you across the web on sites like Google, Linkedin, Youtube, Yelp, and more depending on your niche and location we will also provide new local and niche-specific directory listings. We keep you informed about your online performance and how this service maximizes your full organic search potential with comprehensive Analytics.

Premier Marketing Jumpstart Package

The Premier Marketing Jumpstart Package not only includes the essential marketing systems needed for your business, but it also includes additional services that will help you better engage with your prospects and clients. It is for companies that understand that one marketing tactic is not enough to build a sustainable business.

Marketing Strategies

Your online businesses successes come down to what Google, social media sites, other major search engines and popular website platforms see on your website. We control, grow and Protect your business profits and reputation.

Using Blockchain for Your Business and Website

How to Boost Business Growth with Blockchain in 2021
The Blockchain technology definition is often simplified as a public notebook that everyone can read and write on, but no one can erase. It began with bitcoin in 2008, managed with a crypto wallet, and now branched into blockchain website design and coding. Here’s how your business can benefit.

Business Identity Protection - Suppression - Growth

We help you protect your business Identity before it is to late or before you have to take legal actions. Learn why we are the better option than other corporations offering reputation management services. Read More

Local Maps Marketing

We provide the latest in local marketing technology to get your site popping up in the top 3 of Google maps in your local city and nearby city's

Application (app) Design - Cell Phone Application Design

Your online businesses successes come down to what Google, social media sites, other major search engines and popular website platforms see on your website. We control, grow and Protect your business profits and reputation.

Classified Ad Marketing and Posting

Let us Find the most cost effective method of getting your business found using Classified Advertising. The real trick is in figuring out ideal places and how to stack your ads! Get Calls coming in fast(like 5 minutes fast)!

Lead Generation Package

No traffic? No leads? No problem.
Let us turn your website into a customer-seeking machine. Start attracting new clients within days, not months, using our powerful Lead Generation Package. You’ve got a great looking website, but few people are coming to visit. Worse yet, the few that visit are leaving without contacting you for a quote or conversation!

Pay Per Click Marketing Services

When you want fast returns on your investment (ROI), Talk to real experts that handles 100s of thousands of dollars when it comes to marketing campaigns with place like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Social Media Ads, and much much more.

Web Site Design

Mobile devices count for more then 85% of online searches. Let's get your website responsive, optimized and control what your customers see! Then Let's get you traffic from search engines, social media and online directory's.

Online Branding

Our online branding strategies provide solutions that are effective across all online platforms. We make sure to Market Your Business in an effective Way, We make sure to build a strong foundation and keep it authentic and engaging as we grow your brand across the internet.

SMS Text Marketing

SMS Marketing Service is the most powerful test marketing tool that gets butts in the seats or more business service calls.

Video Marketing and Advertising

Businesses have to integrate video marketing into their online marketing strategy. This has increasingly become important in online marketing.

DIY - Google Maps Marketing

Google My Business ranking is going to get you more local traffic that is going to bring in more customers! Do not just Survive in today's market place - Be found and grow daily! This is not local SEO marketing this is local maps marketing. Google maps produces 85% of all potential traffic. You can get this traffic when you build your business's foundation correctly.

FREE SEO & Social Media Audit

How to Boost Business Growth with Blockchain in 2021
Get the tools the Professionals use for free. Get a free site analysis and the tools to change your business and life. Explode your sales immediately.
Rank on Top - Find The Best Keywords
Tools for Content and Social Media
Get access to 50 free online DIY SEO and Marketing Tools.

Internet Marketing Services

Cyber Controller is ready to get the show on the road are you ready to push the launch campaign button??? Just remember we need to set the goals before we just throw bunch stuff at the wall to see what sticks. We only build up to the needs of your company step by step.

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Cyber Controller Is Based In Phoenix Arizona & Has Helped Businesses of All Sizes Across the World Succeed Since 1995!

Our Testimonials

What our CUSTOMERS have to say

When You Want It Done Right & You Want Long Lasting Results You Need The Experts On Your Side! Lead Generation Services Since 1995!

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Just an amazing company that offers so much! I was looking to increase my web presence and Cyber Controller did just that!

Cordelia Segura Ayala
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Want your PPC done right, use these guys! They saved me over 50% of what I was spending and got my phones ringing 100% more each day. True 5 stars!!!

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Cyber Controller is the most powerful marketing company I have used! The stack marketing they do is just unreal. They opened my eyes to many platforms of marketing. My online sales skyrocketed within a week. I was in the weeds for weeks trying to get caught up. Just wow! Thank You Cyber Controller

Dave Santos
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Cyber Controller you have the best talent. You get me over 200 calls each month. It is so funny how experts in marketing say it cannot be done, yet Dean is rocking it. The knowledge that Dean has is unmatched. I'll never over pay for leads ever again, This one cool little marketing trick cost's me about $2.25 per targeted ready to buy call. I know what I was paying for a call and since I let Cyber Controller do the marketing I pay 20% of what my competitors pay. LOL We are moving 3 times the amount of product since we hired these guys! Cyber Controller is a true internet marketing webmaster. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Cyber Controller More Popular Marketing Services

A few our popular services we provide and we are not limited to the list below. If you have special marketing needs or need a more direct way to contact customers give us a call we can design a software program or get the work you are looking for done!

Internet Marketing Phoenix

Internet Marketing Services
Search Engine Optimization
Online Marketing
Internet Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Internet Marketing Company
Internet Marketing Consultant
Small Business Internet Marketing

Google Maps Marketing Phoenix

Reputation Management
Google Maps Marketing
Web Site Optimization
Website Optimization
Pay Per Click
Google Maps Ranking
Shopify Marketing
Business Reputation
Online Branding
Blockchain Coding Service

Website Ranking Phoenix

Internet Marketing SEO
Internet Marketing Business
Internet Marketing Solution
Local Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing Website
Internet Marketing Software
Internet Marketing Online
Local Maps Marketing
Internet Marketing Strategy