How Excellent Blogging Improves your Personal Brand

Getting noticed and increasing the client/customer base is a challenge many business owners face today. This is because they don’t focus or they’re just not doing enough to improve their personal brand online. Working on your personal brand online leads to better and more business opportunities, contacts, improved client and customer base, and of course more profit.

Personal Branding in a Nutshell

Personal branding is a process of selling yourself by improving your image as a brand. It is not just essential for business owners, it’s equally important for employees and freelancers. For freelancers, it’ll increase their exposure, and lead to a larger client base. For employees, better job opportunities will await them.

online business
online business

The essence of personal branding is to enlighten people of your skills. Why should they choose you and not your competition? People have to know why they should conduct business with you. You have to show them you are reliable. You need to prove to them they won’t regret having or developing a business relationship with you.

To your potential customers, you are a stranger. As humans, we have been wired from birth not to trust strangers. While it may be easy to persuade a couple of people to choose us now and then, it’s getting increasingly difficult as the competition rises.

To make an impact in converting people to your business, you need to work on your personal branding. You can do this in various ways, but we’ll concern ourselves with one. With Blogs.

Importance of Blogs for Personal Branding

In a day and age where internet marketing is on the rise, blogs make a lot of difference between success and failure. If you don’t have a blog for your business, you’re already failing. You may not be failing in every sense of the word, but you’re surely headed in that direction.

These days, a lot of people get the information they need about businesses, products, and services from the internet . The bulk of this information is supplied by blogs. If people look up your business and services online and there is no reliable information for them, they stop looking. At this point, they think, your business is not as reliable, efficient or satisfying as your competitor’s. Your competition will be their next choice, you’ll be very unlucky if there’s enough reliable information about your competitor for them to work with.

Nothing gets better simply by having a blog. What you put on it matters. This leads us to…


Ever heard the phrase ‘content is king’? Do you believe it? I believe that content really is king. Loading your blog with rubbish and irrelevant information is a sure-fire way to tank your reputation.

Your blog is supposed to carry useful information about your business, products, and services. Anything that’s totally unrelated to that is a waste – a hit to your credibility .

Before making a blog post, figure out your target audience. Is the post for employers or employees? Is your business a local or global business? Think about these things and create your posts accordingly. You lose maximum effect if your target audience aren’t addressed as they should.

People have often asked if it’s alright, legal even to spy on your competitors. Yes, it is. It’s totally fine, your competitors are most likely doing the same. Go through your competitor’s blog page, see what they’re writing, note how they write, learn from them and what they do. You don’t have to write on the exact topics they’re writing on, the point is to learn from them.

Don’t be tempted to copy from them. Plagiarism is a very serious offense and could cause your competition to file a law suit. Even if you get away with it which I’m pretty sure you won’t, your credibility and Google Search Rankings will suffer miserably. This, in turn, damages your personal brand image. Instead, take the time to craft finely written plagiarism-free articles. No one said the road to success was sweet and free of hurdles. There’s no easy way to good success.

You don’t have to do the writing yourself. You can hire excellent freelance writers from reputable freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. If you know a good writer, you can hire them too. Endeavor to give express instructions about the kind of post you want and they should also avoid plagiarism while applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. If you’re unsure of the articles delivered to you, you can make use of this excellent plagiarism checking tool: Copyscape.

Anyone who comes to your blog and gets reliable and relevant information from your blog will get the feeling you know what you are doing – which of course you are. They’ll know you’re an expert in your field and they can safely start a working relationship with you.

What to do after creating and publishing a blog post

Published your post? Well done. But your work is far from over. You have to promote it on social media. Having social media accounts for your business is another way to improve your personal brand image. Create business/work accounts on social media platforms like our favorites, Facebook, Twitter, including LinkedIn.

By doing this, you also increase your customer and client base.

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