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If the last 7 posts on our site haven’t convinced you about Voice search yet, consider this conversation between a customer and Google assistant from ThinkwithGoogle:

User: “OK, Google. What’s the best brand of running shoes?”
Google Assistant: “Good question. Are you looking for yourself, Sheila, or the kids?”
User: “For me.”
Google Assistant: “Based on your workout patterns, it looks like you like trail running more than asphalt. Is that right?”
User: “Yep, mainly trail running.”
Google Assistant: “Based on popular ratings, reviews, and product purchases, here are the top three brands for you. Would you rather buy online or in a store?”
User: “I want to go look at some today.”
Google Assistant: “OK, there’s a sporting goods store on 5th Street with these shoes available, and there are even some size 10s in stock. Would you like me to hold them for you in the store?”
User: “Yep. I’ll swing by there this afternoon.”
Google Assistant: “I’ll put it on your to-do list and remind you when you are downtown.”

Voice search SEO (Voice assistant, voice search enabled devices, whatever you may call it) are revolutionizing the way customers interact with businesses. If your marketing efforts are not optimized for Voice search, 2020 isn’t the date anymore, you’re already too late!

But we can salvage the situation. Read on.

What do you know about “Local Voice Search Ranking”?

Voice search SEO

Voice search SEO

You have probably heard of “position zero” before. Do you know what it is?

Position zero is the position of featured snippets. They are normally displayed first after the query has been made in the search box, just above “People also ask” before you begin to scroll down to other search results.

Getting featured on position zero is the goal in internet marketing as it has to do with search results today. And if you get featured on position zero, your snippet becomes the result the voice assistant reads to the user making the search.

Here’s an illustration:

Position zero chocolate cake

Position zero for ‘chocolate cake’ search query on desktop

And when you make this search via Google assistant:

Chocolate cake search on Google assistant

Chocolate cake search on Google assistant

How did Holidayinsights make it to position zero for this search query? That’s what Cybercontroller is here to help you with.

How to Optimize for Voice Search SEO

To optimize for voice search SEO, so you can be more helpful to potential customers who use this medium to make findings on the internet, you have to predict your customers’ needs. First put yourself in their shoes, and think of the queries and keywords that would normally lead them to your website and make your web posts according to that.

As simple as that? No. You are not done. You need data, data and more data. Also, you need good web designing skills. Understanding the ever-evolving sphere of digital marketing is also important to be successful with this.

You probably have other things you need to be doing for your current customers to get the satisfaction you guarantee comes with doing business with you. I doubt you would have the time to start chasing a diploma in digital marketing. And then proceed to mastering the concepts, before you can then start increasing your web traffic by the first 50%.

You need established and experienced professionals.

Why you should hire a Reputable Internet Marketing company to Optimize for Voice Search SEO

While we covered this in huge details here, to save your time, we are going to keep it short:

1. We have the skill

We tailor-make all our marketing strategies to fit your business in such a way that its weaknesses will be fixed and its strengths will be used to give you an edge over the competition. We have the skill. It’s something we have been doing for over 20 years.

2. We have the experience

Cybercontroller has been optimizing web pages to rank high in search results way back from their webmaster’s days. As way back as 23 years ago. Over the years, we’ve applied our skills in website design , app marketing, SMS marketing, internet marketing for desktop and mobile, social media marketing , search engine optimization, business reputation management , etc.

3. We know exactly what your business needs

There are different businesses with different internet marketing needs. For example, a certain business provides products that are best marketed on social media and another provides services that are better served on the company’s official website. We know these specifics for almost any type of business out there because we have dealt with a wide range of them.

4. We guarantee positive results

Almost anyone can open a website and claim to provide positive results for the services they provide. Almost anyone. Besides, the internet is basically free. And anyone can make a web page these days. Speech is also free. But who really means it when they say “I will definitely make your business rank high in search engine results”? Who does? No need to look that up: Cybercontroller!

5. We are affordable

We’ve said all we did in #1, #2, #3, and #4. It sounds like this quality of service and experience will be absolutely expensive. But actually, we choose to stay affordable because we like to cater to small businesses. So our prices have stayed flexible and affordable. Whatever your stage your business is in today, we have the right price for you.

Google home

Google home


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