Learn what a social signal is by Dean Schlenker

What you need to know about Social Signals You may already understand by now how important social signals are for any ad or marketing project on the web. Social signals affirms a brand, credibility, and reliability of an individual or business online and in the search engines . However in relation to search engine¬†optimization, it Read more about Learn what a social signal is by Dean Schlenker[…]

Why Website Owners Need to Back Link their Sites

I write this article in hopes to helping you understand two things. 1. The need of back links and 2. the need to make sure Google finds each link, and indexes them. So… Back links, also called inbound links, are links that are directed towards a website. Nowadays, there are vital to the scope of Read more about Why Website Owners Need to Back Link their Sites[…]

Understanding Google Responsive Code Requirement

The importance of Responsive Code Website Design! Google updates its search algorithm about 400-600 times. While the majority of these updates can be negligible, Google occasionally rolls out huge algorithmic updates which affect search engine results in significant ways. For marketers, knowing the dates of these updates can help to explain changes in their organic Read more about Understanding Google Responsive Code Requirement[…]